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A Nutritionist’s Insight into our Noway Frozen Dessert

Our in-house wellness experts are here to breakdown their thoughts on the all-new Noway Frozen Dessert.  Treating well has never looked so good with the new Frozen Dessert that boasts benefits like:

  • Dairy-Free
  • A favourite for ice cream lovers
  • High in Protein
  • Low in Sugar
  • Low Calorie
  • Made with our high quality Noway Collagen
  • + more that you can find here

We enlisted 2 of our in-house nutritionists/naturopaths, Chantelle and Nicole to answer some of your most requested questions and to find out what they thought of the product – would they eat it themselves?  Let’s jump in and find out.

Brooklyn: Chantelle, can you introduce yourself to our readers, tell us a little bit more about your previous work, education, and what you currently do with your role here at ATP Science?

Chantelle: So, I studied Masters of Human Nutrition, I then went on to study business and marketing. Previous to this I worked in an allergy clinic, so I was doing skin prick testing and talking with people who have not just food allergies but also chemical sensitivities, dust allergies, grass allergies, and any sort of environmental allergies. Seeing how this affected them, and in ways that don’t usually get considered as allergy responses; so, I would see I lot of headaches, brain fog, feeling sick all the time that may not necessarily be related to food. That’s why they would come and see the specialist I work for.

Then I started working with ATP Science, I now do all the cooking and recipe content. I can put my passion for cooking and creating new recipes into this role, especially with my background in allergies, I find most of what I cook is built around an awareness of allergies and intolerances so that more people can benefit from my creations. With ATP I get to combine marketing and nutrition together into a role that I love.

Brooklyn: Yeah wow! I get to taste all of these creations before they make the cut too, so I feel privileged and full, minus the cashews… And Nicole, how about yourself? Tell me a little bit about your background before ATP Science?

Nicole: As far as nutrition, I studied nutrition, herbal medicine, and naturopathy about 6 years ago now and before that, I was heavily involved in the fitness industry for about 15 years. So, nutrition even before my studies was always a massive part of my passion. From there I started working with athletes on performance, nutrition, and body composition. Now, as a clinical naturopath, I bring in nutrition a lot, especially gut issues and specialty diets for example.

Brooklyn:  What a background, exactly why you are here to give us your opinion on this new product.

Ok now onto the juicy stuff, it’s time to give me an insight into what your opinions are on the Noway Frozen Dessert, let’s get some raw and real feedback – nothing is off-limits ladies.

Chantelle, I will shoot question one over to you first… When tasting the Noway Frozen Dessert for the first time, what was your initial experience on taste, texture, and palette appeal?

Chantelle: The first thing that came to mind was definitely the texture, how smooth and airy and almost mousse-like it was. That was what really appealed to me, then next the flavour was really accurate to what it had been labeled as and it was strong but not overpowering. For instance, the mango one actually tastes like real mangos and contains Kensington mangoes from Queensland which I loved. Very different from other Frozen desserts out there that are perhaps a bit more dense and heavy.

Nicole: My first thought on it was that it’s not sickly sweet which I really liked. You know when you want to have something a bit sweet, but you don’t want to have only three mouthfuls and push the tub away because it’s too much, I really liked that it wasn’t overpowering in sweetness. Sometimes with sweeteners, I find many companies can use stevia and it can be really out of balance, whereas with this I found it was the right amount of sweetness.

Brooklyn: When looking at the ingredients panel, what impresses you the most about the list of ingredients, and were you surprised with anything that was in it?

Chantelle: The fact that it is dairy-free is probably the thing that impresses me the most as I can’t consume dairy and a lot of others out there also can’t consume dairy or whey-based ice creams/frozen desserts either. There are some options out there for dairy-free, but they’re not very good in terms of taste for one and their ingredients list can be massive which is off-putting.

What surprised me was that there were no artificial additives, flavours, or colours and no preservatives in this and the protein content per serve is massive in comparison to your fat and carb macros too! I also love that it’s a coconut cream base, so it gives a great creaminess but you can’t even taste the coconut in it. Lastly, I love that every ingredient within an ingredient is listed on the panel – the openness of the ingredients really made me happy, for example with the chocolate flecks, the label even lists what those chocolate pieces are made from ingredients-wise instead of just writing choc flecks as is, I found that to be really impressive as it’s rare to come across.

Nicole: Again, agreeing with what Chantelle mentioned one thing that impressed me a lot was that there was no massive list of numbers, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. There was nothing hidden or left to decode by the consumer, it’s all there. I also like that it has the polydextrose in it from a gut health perspective as well as the collagen which is great for the gut.

The polydextrose acts like a prebiotic for the short-chain fatty acid function in the colon which is extremely impressive. Especially from a clinical perspective, we are always talking about the importance of prebiotics and gut health and how important these short-chain fatty acids are, and you are getting this fibre perspective in the form of a treat that doesn’t taste like your everyday boring fiber supplement.

Brooklyn: What do you deem most important to note about the product? 

Nicole: Sugar content! I always look for under 5g per 100g and this is well under that per serving, that seriously impressed me more than anything about the product to be honest because it makes it such an available product for so many people and easy to fit into the diets that I recommend and build for my clients, especially if we are working on sweet swaps. So yes, that was the standout!

Chantelle: I agree on that as well, but also the fact that yes, it is a protein snack and a source of collagen. So that way people can get more collagen in, if they are wanting to mix up from having the noway shakes or switching from bone broths and collagen sources, this does fit in so nicely with those macro aspects but the collagen intake too. You are also getting a good quality fat from the coconut which our bodies love, these keep us nice and satiated, so the snack is satisfying and feels like a treat. Dairy-free too which is so hard to find done right!

Brooklyn:  For those who are particular with their diets and most likely tracking their macronutrient intake, what do you foresee being the most popular question we may get asked by macro fanatics?

Nicole:  Ohhhhh, yes how would I answer it haha. This is a hard one – Honestly, this has me stumped, I’m not sure that there is anything to be critical about, the macro balance is great. You know if someone is worried about snacks and is worried about going over calories or unbalancing their macros with the idea of having ‘ice cream’, you’re not going to do it with this that’s for sure. This is a snack that is much better than a lot of the bars that are out there that are celebrated for being good and are good, but the macros here are impeccable so I don’t think there is anything to fault or be critical about. The label is so clear and clean too, nothing hidden.

Chantelle: I thought probably one question a lot would ask was around the sugar content, usually, there is a lot of suspicions around something that tastes good and sweet with such a low sugar content. Utilizing the balance of erythritol and stevia meant we could keep a balance of both without one being overpowering and of course natural too, no artificial sweeteners, so being that way inclined as natural sugar alcohol fermented from corn, that carbohydrate presence isn’t there that you would see in you common glucose, high fructose corn syrups or cane sugars for example. Perhaps also the polydextrose as a natural stabilizer having a multi-benefit as a pre-biotic, I really think we will need to educate consumers more that just because it says dextrose, it’s actually processed as a beneficial fiber by the body and not sugar.

Brooklyn:  Yes, I noticed that too. We really need to work on shifting this stigma around the name polydextrose and educating the public on exactly what it does, its natural origins, and what it can do in terms of what Nicole mentioned earlier on short-chain fatty acid formation in the colon, which as we know is crucial for overall gut health. Nicole, you even mentioned before our interview that you were all trying to find negative research to debunk its benefits and there was next to nothing, only good reviews and published data yeah?

Nicole: Yes exactly right, myself, Eliza, and Steve really tried to pull this to pieces to see any faults and we just couldn’t find anything substantial that stated that natural polydextrose was something to be concerned about, we found tonnes of positive literature that we want to delve deeper on education-wise as it’s really riding that early wave in terms of its importance in gut health and the role in essential short-chain fatty acid production too!

Brooklyn: With your experience with diet recommendations where do you feel this product fits in most for you?

Nicole: Definitely for those who are dairy or lactose intolerant is a big one; people who are on specific types of diets like paleo for example. I see a lot of clients who really struggle with snacking and trying to find healthy alternatives that are palatable, they are often boring and don’t satisfy that sweet craving and sweet hit that would often see them grabbing chocolate or actual sugar-packed ice cream instead – this is a great fit for a healthy snack switch that isn’t boring and satisfies that sweetness with less than 5g of sugar per 100g and 9g of protein per serve which keeps them fuller afterward too.

Chantelle: I agree with Nicole on the dairy-free aspect, for those who can’t have dairy. Also those with soy or nut allergies, I mean outside of the peanut butter flavor, the others offer an alternative option to many ice creams that may contain these elements. Also, those who are just really conscious of sticking to their macronutrient goal and struggling to find something at the end of the day that makes their diet feel like less of a diet and bland and high protein too which is often the hardest to reach macronutrient wise without trading off excess carbs and fats to get there.

Brooklyn: If you had to pick only one flavour from the 5 so far, what would it be?

Chantelle: Ohh, one… hmmm… Number one would have to be mango. Because there isn’t actually another dairy-free mango Frozen dessert out there that tastes as good, I don’t think anyway. The fact that it contains Queensland sourced Kensington Pride Mangoes too really made me happy that we are using as much Australian grown produce where possible which we have always promised here at ATP to do if the conditions and farms provided what we could use. So I would pick a mango.

Nicole: My favourite is definitely the salted caramel, and the reason being is that salted caramel is generally packed with sugar and so you know, to have something so bang on with the salted caramel kick of flavour without all of that sugar just really put this one first place. It even has the caramel chips in it which blew me away that it still fit within such a low sugar range! So salted caramel is my winner so far.

Brooklyn: Oh man me too, salted caramel just instantly took first place when I tasted it. I have a huge soft spot for that salted caramel sweet and savory flavour depth profile so I was ready to be heavily critical that it wouldn’t be right and honestly, the depth of caramel and the little touch of saltiness was by far the best profile of salted caramel I’ve had in dairy-free frozen dessert by far.

Well, that concludes our quiz session, thank you so much ladies you have been amazing at answering our questions!

To find out more on Noway Frozen Dessert and where you can find your nearest stockist, click here.

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