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Who is ATP Science

ATP Science is a team of talented individuals who create amazing products to meet the needs of everyday athletes and everyday consumers.

Science over Slick Marketing

Whilst we have fun in our Marketing department, Science is of the ultimate importance to us – it’s even in our name. We have over 13 Health Science degrees including 2 Masters of Health Science and a PhD in Food Science. We love the Naturopathic ethos that states “natures knows best” and real food is at the heart of everything we do. We believe the proof is in the pudding so to speak and the products need to work as stated. While others employ more in their Marketing department than their R&D and education departments – we do not!


We shall not use harmful artificial flavours or colours such as AceK, or ingredients with strings of numbers. It must be good for your body not just your performance.

It’s got to be unique or best in class

We DON’T ever want to be a “me too” brand. True innovation takes problems where there seems to be no clear or effective strategy for health and wellness and provides a superior solution to what is currently being offered.

Who is in the Zoo

We have an extremely talented, smart team of individuals working in every field of the operation from research, development, education & quality control. With almost 20 degrees, masters and PhD scientists’ our brainiacs are truly onboard with the mission of pushing the boundaries and are constantly creating new systems, products and research. The rest of the crew – marketing, customer service, accounts, warehouse, logistics, manufacturing and sales are all focused on one thing – outstanding customer experience.

The  Founders

The 3 founders developed the philosophy of the company and it is simple – Be amazing and create exceptional value by achieving more than what the customer thinks is possible. In every area of the business, it’s got to be great, it’s got to be noteworthy and everything we do needs to say “We care!”