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Allergy Swaps – Catering for Intolerance


Allergy swaps, if you have ever wondered how to cater for intolerances on the menu, or perhaps your own allergies and intolerances, it can be a confusing process on where to join the dots on what would be a suitable alternative in those scenarios.

Below we have drawn up an easy-to-follow guide for swapping out one element for something else, it’s simple and effective. Feel free to print it out and keep it handy on the fridge.

Dairy-Free Allergy Swaps:

Milk = Coconut milk, oat, nut milk, rice, soy

Yoghurt = Coconut, nut, soy yoghurts

Cheeses = Nut Cheeses

Cream = Coconut cream/ coconut milk

Milk chocolate = low cacao dairy-free chocolate and carob options

Butter = Coconut oil, avocado, dairy-free spreads

Whey Protein = Noway, vegan protein sources such as rice, pea, hemp

Gluten-Free Swaps:

Oats = Rice/quinoa flakes, buckwheat

Bread = Gluten-free bread options (GF grain options or paleo/keto bread options)

Paste = Gluten-free pasta options (rice, buckwheat, quinoa)

Cous Cous= Buckwheat or amaranth

Flour = Buckwheat, rice, tapioca, corn, quinoa, hemp, coconut, sorghum, amaranth or teff flour

Crackers = Rice cakes, seed crackers

Nut-free Swaps:

Nut butter = tahini, coconut butter or sunflower/pumpkin seed butter

Almond meal = sunflower seed meal or grain flour

Nuts = pumpkin, sunflower or sesame seeds

Nut milk = coconut, rice, soy or lactose-free milk

Snacks = Popcorn, pretzels, roasted chickpeas or rice cakes

Allergy swaps Made Easy

Simple and easy allergy or intolerance swaps to keep handy should the occasion arise where you need to find alternatives! If you have found other allergy swaps you would like to add to the list for other users, please feel free to contact us and let us know either via our Instagram @atpscience or email and we can work on getting the additions available for all to see!