Top 5 Tips for Getting Through the Silly Season!

Top 5 Tips for Getting Through the Silly Season!

When it comes to the silly season, we can all go a little loopy with the overindulging of all sorts! The Team have put together their Top 5 Tips for the silly season!

  1. Get your Polyphenol Rich foods in where possible, these are Modbiotic compounds and excellent for the gut, you can load up your dishes, dressings and salad accessories with them. Cranberries, Cloves, Cinnamon, dark berries Aussies love Cherries this time of year! Walnuts, olives, pomegranate, apples, and apricots. All the good fresh foods! Your gut will love you! Chuck in a Scoop of Gutright if you are filling in any gaps.

  2. Water and electrolytes! High salted foods, alcohol, and preservatives are usually preserved in excess this time of year, keep your water up to avoid that “processed food hangover” where possible!

  3. Practice being present at the table – How delicious does your food taste? Process it and savor it. All too often we sit down in Infront of the TV, or scroll on our phones and mindlessly shovel food in our mouths because we should. We have lost the art of genuinely enjoying a meal. So, turn off the TV and put away the phones, sit, converse, be present. You will find it amazing how full you get when you slow down to eat and pay attention to a meal!

  4. Keep your stress levels to a minimum where possible, do not set yourself or other unrealistic expectations, it’s a time to wind down. Do not put yourself in debt for someone you love, more often than not your presence is a present to the person that cares for you. Tell your loved ones you love them, write a nice card and kick in that oxytocin a little more by landing a big hug and laugh on those around you!

  5. Start a new tradition! It brings people together and you can add to it each year, create a recipe scrapbook, make a signature table cloth or paint handprints and sign off on the year. It’s something to reminisce on, have a laugh over or enjoy like grandmas Christmas pudding each year. Be safe, go light on the brandy custard and pull up a blanket on the couch if it’s not wise to drive!