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Sleep & Recovery Supplements
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Sleep and Recovery FAQs

Recovery supplements and muscle recovery, in particular, should be a huge focus of almost equal value to the physical training regime of any individual. Ensuring that you are getting adequate nutrition, protein-rich foods, adequate sleep, water, and using appropriate recovery supplements to fill in any necessary gaps is an important aspect of training if you want the best results for your efforts.

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For best results, we recommend adding recovery supplements in after training alongside your first meal post-exercise. Getting all of these nutrients shuttling into the body after they have been depleted during exercise is a great way to provide an optimal environment to begin recovery. Follow the recommended guidelines for the natural recovery supplements in your plan.

We have a few products which may assist with your sleeping patters. Reach out to us to discover which is best for you.

When we train the fibres of the muscle, our tendons and ligaments experience micro-tearing of the fibres and fascia. Fascia is the tissue that wraps the muscle ensuring it can glide and move freely over the rest of our muscles. To repair this intentional damage, we need to provide the building blocks needed for muscle, tendon and ligament repair. Muscle recovery requires protein forms, amino acids and micronutrients to form and heal the tissue.

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