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Hot Chocolate Mint Slice

Serves: 16
Prep: 5 minutes
Fridge: Overnight

¾ cup almond meal
½ cup shredded coconut
2 tbs cacao powder
4 scoops Noway Hot Chocolate Choc Mint
2 tbs maple syrup
2 tb coconut oil, melted
Pinch of salt

200g coconut milk solids (can refrigerated overnight, use firm coconut at top)
80g preferred white chocolate

80g dark chocolate melted
Add extra peppermint oil or Amperage if desired.

1.Line a square tin with baking paper.
2.Place all ingredients for base in a food processor and combine together until a coarse sticky mixture has formed. Add 1-2 tbs of water if necessary.
3.Spread mixture into square tin evenly, pushing down to compact. Place in the freezer.
4.To make the filling, melt white chocolate over a double boiler. Once melted, remove bowl from heat. Add coconut cream to a blender and pour in melted chocolate, blend until smooth and creamy.
5.Pour filling mixture over base and return to the freezer to set for a minimum of 6 hours.
6.Once set, pour over melted chocolate and return to the fridge to set.
7.Slice with a hot knife and enjoy!

Per Serving:

Calories: 222
Carbs: 8g
Fats: 18g
Protein: 5g