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Limitless – ‘Clean Energy’ What Does This Even Mean?

Limitless – ‘Clean Energy’ What does this even mean? Well, when we were looking into developing Limitless we wanted to know what encompassed a pre-workout for the consumer. This came down to some core aspects that included:

  • Colour appeal.
  • Low Calorie.
  • Caffeine.
  • Flavour appeal.

Simple enough in essence right? But, in the usual ATP Science kind of way, we wanted to take that and flip it on its head. How do we take what exists and provide the consumer with a natural and clean alternative? After a large dedication of time, we came to Limitless ‘clean energy’.

Limitless – Caffeine

Slow release, longer-lasting, and stacked in tiered order for the user to ditch the typical dump and burn way that high stim and low low crashes usually happen. When we break down our caffeine sources in limitless, you have:

  • Yerba Mate.
  • Green Coffee.
  • Green Tea.
  • ZumXR slow-release Anhydrous Caffeine.

In comparison to – High dose Anhydrous Caffeine, which is not necessarily bad, just that it works very quickly and you often come down just as dramatically.

Flavours and Colouring

We went back to nature for this one and its vibrant colors to reflect the colouring that is seen in Limitless. They come from plants, fruits, and veggies!

In comparison to – Artificial colours like that of ‘Brilliant Blue E133’ and ‘Allura Red E129’ which have been banned in many countries around the world like Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Norway for their hyper allergenic effects. [5]


You asked for low calorie, and we researched, compared, and were left startled but confident in our choice – Stevia. We are huge lovers of the gut microbiome and classify it to hold the utmost importance when looking into health. Stevia is natural from plants, clean and friendly on the gut.

In comparison to – Artificial sweeteners see commonly like that of Sucralose and Acesulfame-K (Ace-K) which contains methylene chloride. For perspective, methylene chloride a known carcinogen is often also found in commercial applications of paint stripper, degreaser, and varnish dissolvent. Yeah… no words on that one. [3]

Limitless – One step further…

Polyphenols – Limitless is loaded with gut-friendly naturally occurring polyphenols, taking your standard and flipping it on its head yet again.

Take home message

Know what’s going in and get the most out of it – that’s ‘clean energy’ coming together in communion for your workout!


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