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Nutty Chocolate Noway Balls

Prep Time                                                15 minutes

Fridge Time                                               4 hours or overnight.

Nutrition Per Serve 147 Calories
Carbohydrates0.2 g
Fat8.3 g
Protein18 g

Servings:  6-8 balls.


1 jar of ANY nut butter – ( I used Mayvers almond butter for this batch).

4 mejool dates or you can also use prunes (boiled in 1/2 cup water).

1 scoop chocolate NOWAY protein powder.

1 tbsp organic cacao.
approx 1/2 cup descicatted coconut to coat.




  1. Place the nut butter in a bowl, followed by the dates and water, noway protein powder and cacao. This mixture is quite sticky which is why they taste so amazing as well.
  2. Using a teaspoon, scoop some of the mixture up and roll it in a ball, place them in the coconut to further shape, work quite quickly at this point.
  3. Once you have used all the mixture up place it on the top shelf of the fridge for no less than 4 hours covered, over night is best – store in fridge.