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Episode 275 – Molding the Mind with Ken Ware and Dr. Don Wood

In today’s episode of the ATP Project, we have two brilliant minds joining Matt in a panel of ‘neurodiscovery’ from either side of the planet. We have recently interviewed Dr. Don Wood after meeting him and the team at Spartan in Lake Tahoe and our long-standing relationship with the life-altering Ken Ware. We felt it best for these incredible professionals to meet and share their skills and where they are helping people all over the world, it’s heartfelt and nerdy at the same time and we are so excited to share it with you.

– Information on our guests –


Guest 1: Kenneth Ware initially started toying with the Chaos theory almost 30 years ago when training as a competitive bodybuilder. Chaos theory is based on the premise of the whole-body response to certain exercise stimuli. From here he realised that this could be a refined method to assist individuals across a wider spectrum as these whole-body triggers do not discriminate to just a particular symptom in that individual. A recalibration of sorts of a person’s whole system and not just the presenting physical problem. He has since spoken at several conferences all over the world, presenting his findings to academics specializing in multiple fields. You can discover more on Neurophysics Institute via the link here:

Guest 2: Dr. Don Wood. Since 2015, the Inspired Performance Institute has worked to create innovative strategies to help people heal from the limiting effects of trauma, so they can feel and perform at their best. The result has been the development of a revolutionary approach to performance improvement referred to as TIPP (The Inspired Performance Program). They are offering a promotional discount for the partnership with ATP Science for a limited time only. You can access that through this portal here: