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Natural stress relief supplements have grown in popularity for those who lead busy lives and want to find some relief and balance in their downtime. Stress can be triggered by anything, from simple things like an unwanted negative phone call or the daily traffic commute through to those drastic life-changing-in-a-minute stressors. 

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How Stress Works in the Body 

When we experience a “stress trigger,” we initiate an internal fight, flight, or freeze response. This is a natural survival technique passed on from our earliest ancestors. When stress is triggered in the body, a cascade of actions occurs including the release of cortisol and adrenaline which come into play to bring the body back into a state of calm before the next stress comes. Natural supplements for stress aim to allow this natural process to happen more smoothly and quickly so that you aren’t in a heightened state constantly. 

How does it affect performance? 

Stress long-term keeps cortisol levels high and this can affect our sleep patterns, mood, recovery, and as a result our overall performance. Stress support supplements address the adaptability aspect of how you respond and recover from stress. Natural stress relief supplements give the option to tackle the day with ease knowing that what you are putting in is 100% natural and assists the body with this natural stress response instead of adding to it with nasty ingredients or preventing it entirely. 

Benefits of Natural Stress Relief Supps 

We cannot escape the stress around us: it’s there day-in and day-out, but you can thankfully work on how you respond to it. The benefit of natural stress relief supplements is that they are built from 100% natural adaptogenic blends, which work with the body to quickly adapt and recover. Think of those little stressors like that unwanted phone: does that need a big stress response like something life-threatening? No. So, our body’s ability to adapt to these unnecessary stressors more easily and ensure they consume less of our day and mental resources is important. 

Who are they for?

Natural supplements for stress can be used by individuals that are finding minor stressors impacting their day-to-day lives, or are experiencing a higher load of stress and have a desire to feel a little calmer. 

When to have them for best results?

Stress support supplements like Adrenal RX support the body in more areas than just immediate stressors so timing can dependant on the overall goal: 

Stress support throughout the day – 1 x capsule 3 times daily. 

Sleep balance 2 x capsules at night before bed. 

Why choose ATP Science? 

ATP Science prides itself on providing the highest quality ingredients, and when it comes to natural stress relief supplements this does not differ. We use a blend of the highest quality and natural ingredients to fit into your regime without fuss. Find the full list of benefits for ATP Science’s industry-leading natural stress support supplement.