NOWAY Collagen Mousse Single Sachets - Banana
NOWAY Collagen Mousse Single Sachets - Banana

NOWAY Collagen Mousse Single Sachets - Banana

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NOWAY® Collagen Protein Mousse

Mousse is a delicious dessert that incorporates air bubbles to give it a light and airy texture. Considered the light and fluffy cousin to traditional puddings. We have taken this traditional dessert and converted it to an almost sugar-free dessert packed with collagen protein peptides and all you have to do is add your preferred milk base.

Now you really can have your cake and eat it too!

Our trademarked collagen protein is BODYBALANCE® Collagen Protein designed by German scientists and made in Brazil. It makes a delicious high-protein, very low sugar treat that is gentle on your guts because it contains no lactose or casein based ingredients.

Use your preferred source of milk to enjoy this treat any time of the day… or multiple times a day – it’s not piggish because it’s so low in sugar and calories!

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BODYBALANCE® Hydrolysed Bovine Collagen Peptides Bovine gelatin Natural Flavour Sodium Alginate Acacia Gum Natural Colour (Turmeric) Stevia Made with natural flavours, free of propylene glycol.


Nutrition Information
Serving Size: Approx. 1 sachet 22g
Average QuantityPer ServePer 100 g
Energy315kJ (75 Cal)1430kJ (342 Cal)
Protein16.5 g75.1 g
Fat, Total0.0 g0.0 g
      Saturated0.0 g0.0 g
Carbohydrates1.7 g7.5 g
        Sugars0.3 g1.3 g
Dietary Fibre0.6 g2.8 g
Sodium43.5 mg197.6 mg


Is it dairy and gluten free?
Yes, the mousse range is dairy and gluten-free, you can mix it with your preferred milk.
How many serves can I have in 1 day?
There are no restrictions, however, there is approximately 16g of protein per serve, so keep this in mind. 2 serves in a day would be the ATP max!
Is the mousse vegan?
No, the mousse is not vegan, it does contain bovine collagen.
Do I have to use a blender to make?
You can make the mousse without a blender, simply mix in a protein shaker bottle for at least 1 minute and pour into your favourite bowl or jar to set. When cow’s milk is used in a shaker it will require a longer setting time.
Can this be made in advance?
Yes you can prepare this and leave to set overnight
How long will it last once set?
These should be consumed within 24 hours of setting.
Can I combine with the other flavours?
Yes you can experiment with combining flavours or making different layers
Does the milk have to be cold?
No, it can be room temperature, for example, long life milk from the pantry is suitable.
If I put it in the freezer will it set quicker?
Yes, you can set it in the freezer to save some time, the mousse should set approximately 5-10 minutes quicker.

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