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NOWAY Hot Chocolate - White Chocolate 500g
NOWAY Hot Chocolate - White Chocolate 500g
NOWAY Hot Chocolate - White Chocolate 500g
NOWAY Hot Chocolate - White Chocolate 500g
NOWAY Hot Chocolate - White Chocolate 500g

NOWAY Hot Chocolate - White Chocolate 500g

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Imagine the hot, sweet notes of rich Belgian choc-o-latē (said in a French accent) swirling over your taste buds. You should feel guilty....but you don’t! Your mind is blown when you discover this indulgent Collagen Hot Chocolate has only 1.5g of sugar and delivers a full serve of relaxing magnesium with an astounding 10g of collagen protein peptides. Noway you say…and you would be right!

    Why NOWAY® Collagen?

    Here are just some of the amazing benefits of incorporating Collagen into your daily routine:

    • Stimulates and improves skin elasticity.
    • Boosts collagen production.
    • Reduces the effects of aging skin by stimulating skin hydration and elasticity.
    • Promotes and Supports lean body mass
    • Supports and Promotes muscle strength
    Combining Collagen and Magnesium for the ultimate bedtime drink to chill out after a long day is a huge WIN WIN!

    Enjoy your drinking chocolate like you enjoy your lover – sweet, rich and hot…or as cold as ice (think frappē).

    Quick Directions:

    Add 1-2 flat scoops (approximately 17g) into a mug and pour 250ml of hot water over, stir well, and enjoy!

    Indulgent Directions... for lovers of froth ...

    In a small saucepan heat 1 cup of desired milk and 1-2 heaped scoops of hot chocolate, stir well to combine. Use a milk frother or blender to make extra frothy and creamy. Pour into a mug and sprinkle with extra NOWAY® HOT CHOC mix. Add mini marshmallows, take an Instagram worthy pic, turn your phone off and enjoy!

    Size: 500g tub with a 16.97g serving size.

    Magnesium, Coconut Milk Powder Belgian Chocolate Xanthan Gum Coconut MCT Stevia Rebaudiana Natural Chocolate Flavour Hydrolysed Collagen Made with natural flavours, free of propylene glycol.
    Nutrition Information
    Serving Size: 1 heaped scoop (approximately 16.97 g)
    Servings per container: 29.5
    Average QuantityPer ServePer 100 g
    Energy300kJ (72 Cal)1770kJ (425 Cal)
    Protein10.34 g60.9 g
    Fat, Total1.99 g11.7 g
          Saturated1.60 g9.43 g
    Carbohydrates2.17 g12.8 g
            Sugars1.41 g8.32 g
    Dietary Fibre0.50 g2.95 g

    Mg Bisglycinate equiv. to

    elemental Magnesium 150mg

    150 mg884.1 mg
    Sodium26 mg155 mg


    Is Noway Hot Chocolate Dairy Free?
    Yes, Noway Hot Chocolate is Dairy Free.
    Does Noway Hot Chocolate contain Soy?
    No, the Noway Hot Chocolate does not contain any soy.
    Can you serve the Noway Hot Chocolate cold?
    Yes, the Noway Hot Chocolate can be enjoyed hot or cold. We recommend mixing a small amount of hot water in with the Hot Chocolate powder first before adding in cold milk/water and serving with ice.
    Is it Vegeterian or Vegan?
    No, as the collagen is derived from Bovine Collagen
    How much Protein in a serve?
    There is just over 10g of Protein per serve
    Can I skip a month?
    Yes, simply contact our customer support team and they can suspend your subscription order for 1- 6 months.
    Can I swap products on my subscription?
    From your account page you can remove items from your subscription, then you can add other products to your subscription from the product page.
    Can I change the payment details?
    Yes, you can change the payment details from your account page.
    Can I change my shipping address?
    Yes, you can change your address details from your account page.

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