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Protein Porridge

serves: 1 Prep: 5 minutes Cook: 10 minutes


Per Serving40451g11g26g


¼ cup quinoa flakes

¼ quick oats (rice or quinoa flakes if GF)

1 scoop Vanilla Noway protein powder (or preferred flavor)

1 tbs chia seeds

½ cup milk of choice

70g frozen mixed berries


In a small saucepan over medium heat combine quinoa flakes, oats, Noway and chia seeds with milk and ½ cup of water, stir until well combined (add more water if necessary).

Allow cooking for 5 minutes.

In a separate saucepan/frypan over medium heat add berries with 2 tbs of water and allow to simmer for 3-5 minutes.

Once the porridge is cooked and liquid has been absorbed, pour into a bowl, top with berries.

Top with honey, crushed nuts, seeds or shredded coconut if desired.