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Telehealth in 2021 – Future of Practitioner Consultations

Telehealth – The year is 2021 – 2020 was weird and that was an understatement. How we went about our daily lives dramatically changed overnight. Your ability to go and see your health practitioner, naturopath, or nutritionist was put on the back burner unless they were equipped to provide the same level of service online on programs such as Zoom and/or Skype which unfortunately most weren’t, they were still very physically brick and mortar-based consultation businesses.

Entering 2021 – those who managed to adapt their business to run solely online have seemingly flourished from the other side of this ongoing situation. Now the term “telehealth” has become a household term. You see your doctor online, do your shopping online, talk to your friends online, and honestly with how quickly we have advanced with tech, we are surprised it hasn’t come sooner!

What is Telehealth exactly?

A custom-built online GP and Practitioner service allows for a face-to-face interaction without physically being there whilst still being a private service. Your IDs are kept confidential online and can be easily booked by the patient through an online form. From here you can be sent prescriptions, plans, pathology tests, referrals, and even doctors’ certificates too.

Not only has this been essential during the last 12 months for many, but it’s also a way for the future moving forward – gone are the days where you need to take time off work to go and sit in a waiting room of patients who may be unwell themselves and then try and commute back in the traffic usually just for a prescription or doctors’ certificate for the flu. This can now be done in your lunch break, on your phone – it’s genius really.

Does ATP Science offer this type of service?

Yes, we absolutely do, we have our online practitioner service with our qualified health professionals available to you for a whole hour or a 30 minute follow up depending on your needs. Through this service, you get access to:

  • A qualified health professional.
  • Dietary and nutritional insights and plans.
  • Pathology and testing access and interpretation.
  • Prescriptions and reports.
  • Follow-up care.
  • Access to a large range of product options (not just ATP products).

This method of service we believe looks after the health of both the practitioner and the patient which just makes sense from a holistic health perspective.

How do you book a Consult with our ATP Science Practitioner?

Easy as 4 quick steps!

  1. Head over to our booking page and click on the “initial consultation” if this is your first time with us and follow the link in the email to the booking calendar.
  2. Select a date available that suits you best to secure your appointment.
  3. Complete the emailed questionnaires so that our practitioner can get to know your health concerns well in advance to provide the best service and research specific to you.
  4. Attend the Zoom video conference with our practitioner.

Follow-up appointments can be a quick 30 min session or 1 hour if required.

Clinic hours run from 8 am to 2 pm AEST Monday to Friday.   

Sound better than a crowded waiting room?  To found out more about our services, follow the link below or click here to find out more about our professional consultation service.

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