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“This is my absolute favourite multivitamin. I love that is real vitamins from real food. Taking MultiFood in the morning (…) you HAVE to try MultiFood – it really works!”

– Kristy D.

Everyone should try Multifood!

‘What a stack! Absolutely obsessed with the @atpscience supplements – the best in the biz.’

Absolutely obsessed

Favourite Flavour!

I recently got recommended a whey product (highly regarded pure) and thought hey why not. Well BIG mistake!  Within 5min I was cramping up and it lasted for hours.

Noway is the best protein around!! I was hesitate to try a new flavor but it is more flavorful then the vanilla and choc caramel. It taste like the lolly banana (allens) and thats alright in my books.

Tara K.


I have Infrared intra-workout with ice water and it is delicious, the raw is even sweeter than the wild berry!

Jodie Wills

Cort RX hands down the best supp I’ve ever taken!! (…) @atpscience bringing the best to the table time and time again ?” – @Mattyg.ifbb Via Instagram 

Cort RX hands down the best supp I’ve ever taken!!

“Best product yet guys! Absolute game-changer,(…) I could write a novel, but I won’t. Thank you! From the bottom of my gut.”  – @erica_gene via Instagram 

GUTRIGHT – Thank you! From the bottom of my gut…

Wow, I am thrilled with my CORT RX….after a power of a fitness weekend, competing in bikini masters @arnoldsportsau & @ifbbproleagueoz Arnold Qualifier last Sat – was in peak week for 2 weeks straight…(…)! I found my magic @atpscience Thank you for introducing me @leggylegge to this awesome product! (…)


“I found my magic @atpscience…”

“Mate it’s the bomb. All your omegas, CLA, coconut oil (MCT), grapefruit oil, peppermint oil, and something with grapefruit oil too.  “

Amp-V “Mate its the bomb!”

What a stack! Absolutely obsessed with the @atpscience supplements – the best in the biz. Thanks for having us at your seminar tonight guys, was an absolute blast. Keep doing what you’re doing? PS If you don’t listen to their podcasts, do yourself a favour and start. It will change your life.”

“Absolutely Obsessed…”

“AMP-V equals amazing”

Repost Via // @dylangall

“Lately I’ve been replacing your classic pre-workouts which are jam-packed with crazy levels of caffeine for this puppy and at first I was worried that without caffeine I wouldn’t perform to my best and I was wrong! With 100% plant-based products you can’t go wrong!

My favourite ingredient being peppermint oil (…)plants/herbs are capable of some amazing things, so stay woke!”

“AMP-V equals amazing” 

“I just wanted to give you guys some feedback on your Noway protein. About 4 years ago I discovered I was dairy intolerant and severely intolerant to whey in particular. This meant I had to give up all whey protein and began my search for a dairy free one. I cannot even count the amount I have tried, but I’d be pretty confident in saying I’d most likely tried every single one on the market and was never happy with any of them. Particularly because I knew what whey protein tasted like and how many options you had with them.

About a week ago I purchased your protein and OH MY GOD I’M IN LOVE!! I am so happy that there is finally a dairy free protein that doesn’t taste dairy free. It mixes like normal, isn’t gritty and did I mention it’s delicious?! Thank you ATP Science, you’ve changed my life!”


Never in my life have i ever had a better pump than mixing a scoop of my New Citrullline Malate with my Pre-workout! From this point on there wont be a supplement i buy that isn’t ATP!!! Will definitely repping ATP from now on! @maxwellarbiter



Never in my life…

Real BCAA, legit been on this for a week and already feel a major difference from other ‘Good Testing’ BCAA’s out there! Im in love with your company.