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The Art of ‘The Dad Bod’

father and son holding paper moustaches

‘Dad Bod’? Being a Dad comes with many great new areas of life to explore, a longer list of qualifications that you gain over time, and activities you never thought to be involved in – You also never knew it was possible to hum children show theme songs in the shower… but now?? “Everything is awesome” – What’s the break down of a ‘dad’?

33% Stepping on Lego in the dark…

33% Putting the head back on the toy that the kids swung around by the hair…

33% Tyre puncture repairman…

1% Eating all of the licorice-flavored jelly beans.

What’s the ‘Dad Bod’?

The above are just some of the great traits that come from being a dad and according to the wonderful world of the internet, the ‘Dad Bod’ is the title given to a dad or middle-aged man who is a little soft to the touch but still alluring, some preferring the ‘Dad Bod’ as a trait marked as ‘extremely attractive’ in media. It’s a representation of someone who has become a little too busy to attend to the fine-tuning of fitness but holds his shape well, the past time is still present, just a little softer on the eyes.

Wanting to find a way to look after your dad’s health with the little time he has free?

  1. Bake dad some delicious and nutritious treats this father’s day. We have a whole page dedicated to macro-friendly recipes that don’t taste like fruity flavored sawdust. May we suggest the banana bread – its a winner at every event!


  1. Hot Choccy! Did you know that our Noway Hot Chocolate packs a full 10g of collagen per serve, less than 1g of sugar, and 150mg of Magnesium biglycinate to help wind down after a long day without the stomach upset that can come from other forms of magnesium.


  1. Teach him how to stimulate the vagus nerve – one of our most popular articles has always been the history of the vagus nerve and stimulating it for digestion and overall health. Find out some cool methods here on how to stimulate this incredible aspect of the body that wanders all over our body.


  1. Why not multitask? Get dad hooked on ‘The ATP Project’ Podcast to listen to in the background… Tune in via the website or on your favorite podcast platform!


  1. Make him laugh, dads are the masters of the ‘Dad’ Joke, it’s a right of passage to be extremely corny and bust at the seams from laughter at a cringeworthy joke. Speak his language and learn the art form of a ‘dad joke’. Laughter is one of the best forms of medicine. Have a sit-down and a laugh it will mean the world to him!

Joke of the day: Two parrots are sitting on a perch. One turns to the other and says “Can you smell fish?”


Want to book dad in to see one of our health practitioners because you know he wouldn’t book it for himself? Easy peasy, jump on over and take a look at booking options available – Health Practitioners