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Vegetable chips (sweet potato & parsnip) 

My youngest little man Eli is such a grazer at the moment and he is at the age to which all he wants to do is explore, and so these are so amazing for the little explorers out there, I put them in a paper bag and his off, they also taste amazing.


Prep Time  10 minutesCook time 2 minutes or until they start to colour,

 fry them all separately and not together as they have different cooking times, so parsnips first.

 Servings – 4    

Nutrition Per Serve  64  CaloriesCarbohydrates 13.3 g 
Fat 2.2 gProtein 1.45 g               


1 cups coconut oil

1 sweet potato

1 large parsnip 

sea salt 

Tools – mandolin or sharp knife

Veggie prep – thinly slice all the veggie with your

mandolin (please be careful), or you can use a really

sharp knife.



  1. Heat 1 cup of coconut oil, let the oil heat for at least 2 minutes, and as a test to see if its hot enough drop a parsnip or sweet potato in the oil, if it starts bubbling straight away it is ready… In small batches place the vegetables in and scoop out with a large spoon, place them on paper towel when they are done to absorb any excess oils, and sprinkle with salt.


This is a fast process so do not leave the hot oil as you will burn them.