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Wild Caught Barramundi in Lime, Coriander and Spring Onions

Barramundi is such a beautiful fish to eat, its filling but light and again there is an array of flavors you can combine to complement this fish. 

Prep Time 10 minutesCooking Time 20 – 30 minutes

Nutrition Per Serve120 Calories
Carbs0 g
Fat4 g
Protein23 g

Makes 4 Serving 

4 fllets of wild caught barramundi
4 spring onions, diced
1/2 cup coriander
1 lime
1 tbsp coconut oil

in a steamer place the barramundi on top of come non stick baking paper, layer the spring onions, coriander, lime juice and its zest (grate the zest frst), olive oil and salt

2. cook for approx 20 – 30 minutes, it is soft to touch when ready.

3. Serve with bok choy, and rice with a dash of gluten free soy sauce and chilli
Alternatively you can bake these in the oven for approx 20 – 30 minutes skin up.