10-Day Gutright Challenge - 5 Insights to get you through

10-Day Gutright Challenge - 5 Insights to get you through

10-Day Challenge - If you are in the thick of your 10 days or yet to start and have a million questions about the journey... we get you! Here are some helpful tips/insights from a Gutright Challenge veteran to make the 10 days that little bit easier for first-timers!

  1. Keep your water intake up - A battle of the bugs is going on in there, some will survive and some will not. Keep your water levels up over the 10-day challenge. Standard intake for adults ranges from around 2.5-3.5 litres of H20 daily.
    1. Feeling a little bloaty? – Keep foods light and easily digestible over the course of the 10 days, try to eat things that aren’t too varied or complicated. This helps eliminate possible variables that may be contributing to the bloated feeling you may be getting from what’s going on in there. Stick to your Modbiotic Food List where possible over the 10 days.
    2. Sleep - Get those 8 hours; so much happens while we sleep and if you’re actioning this type of change to your regime and buckling down for the 10-day challenge; then you have to look after the gut and the brain. Both are intimately connected, when we sleep our body implements recovery mode, this includes detoxification systems, inflammatory status, neurotransmitters, and energy. Look after your sleep, your body, and your energy levels!
    3. Bitter the better - In the EAT section of the Modbiotic Food List, you will see what drinks you are allowed, make use of ones that are both warm and bitter – green tea, black tea, black coffee, and your vinegar in warm water. Have a glass of these before your meals, not only does it set up your body to eat more presently because you are setting up for the intention to eat, it primes the Vagus Nerve to ready the fortress down below for digestion to begin! You can read more on this crazy nerve here.
      1. “Everyone is different Blah Blah Blah” This isn’t a cop-out, it's true - Think about it like this, the microbiome is diverse, our environmental exposures that dictate their populations are diverse and different from one person to the next, your exposure to bugs that established your biome when you were born is going to be far different from the next persons. The total inhabitancy of your microbiome as a whole is looking into the tens of trillions of these critters occupying this space and within that 1000 individually known species. So yeah, we are all a bit different. Unique ;-)

          So, one person may say they get the green apple splatters, one gets a little backed up and one gets a little too gassy – the point is, what is happening to you is different to the next person. This is your individual journey and your challenge, once you remind yourself of this, it gets easier to keep your focus and intent for why you started.


          I ate something that was on the 'avoid list' on the Modbiotic Food List, do I need to start the challenge again? 

          Thankfully, it's not that critical; if you do happen to eat a piece of potato, for example, strive forward, and stick to the plan as best you can but you do not need to scrap your whole 10-days, keep going as you were.

          Can I take this while fasting, or do I have to have it with meals only? 

          Yes, you can consume this without meals, some find it easier to tie the dosage time to mealtime for the sake of remembering it. However, if you are swift with your schedule you can have this during a fasted state or with meals.

          Do I have to stop the rest of the products while I do the 10-day Challenge? 

          Not all, which is the great design of the range, they are all developed to work together or on their own individually; so you can leave your usual ATP Science supports in. The only ones that cant is kept in are infrared and hot choc at this stage.

          10-Day Challenge - Why do I have to follow the Modbiotic Food List? 

          The Modbiotic Food List/Protocol was designed around consuming 'simple sugars', these can be absorbed quickly and easily and do not require enzymes to breakdown complex sugar molecules to allow them to be absorbed, this makes them easier to digest and utilize and less likely to ferment and feed intestinal organisms where we want more balance in.

          Can I use the Noway protein products while on this protocol? 

          Yes, you can use the Noway protein, just not the hot choc as it has little chocolate chips in it.

          More Questions? Shoot us a message via the contact us tab above! 

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