Gluten Free Diet - Guidelines

Gluten Free Diet - Guidelines

What is Gluten?

Gluten is the protein found predominately in wheat. Gluten is often added to foods such as chewing gums, sauces and vegetarian meat alternatives to enhance the flavor or texture. Gluten may also be added to tablets, powders and supplements so read the labels, ask your pharmacist or prescribing healthcare practitioner.

If you are contemplating going Gluten free or have been advised to opt for a gluten free lifestyle, then the below table should be a great guideline to help you get started!

Foods to Avoid × Foods to Eat 
Flour Wheat flour, wheaten corn flour, bakers flour, spelt flour, rye flour, custard powder made from wheat, oat flour, barley meal, barley flour, gluten flour, triticale flour. Rice flour, pure corn flour (maize flour), cornmeal, soya flour, potato flour, arrowroot, buckwheat, sago, sorghum, millet, tapioca, besan flour (chick pea flour), urid flour, lentil flour, amaranth, lupin, baby rice cereal, gluten-free oat flour, tapioca starch, xanthum gum, guar gum, chia seed flour
Bread Wheat, rye, commercial soya bread, flat bread, wuppertaler, pumpernickel, sourdough bread, biscuits, buns, pastries, muffins, crumpets, pikelets, croissants, breadcrumbs Rice cakes, corn cakes, gluten-free rice crackers, Gluten free bread, breadcrumbs, biscuits, rolls, cakes, pastries and desserts from allowed flours, Gluten free bread, biscuit and cake mixes. Cornmeal, polenta.
Cereals Breakfast cereals containing wheat, oats, semolina, barley, rye, malt, malt extract, wheatgerm, wheatbran, oatbran, bulgur Rice, soy and corn breakfast cereals (check for malt and malt extract), gluten-free oats, gluten-free muesli, Homemade muesli using allowed ingredients.
Pasta Spaghetti, noodles, pasta, instant pasta meals (unless labelled gluten-free), couscous, gnocchi, wheaten noodles, vermicelli, triticale, semolina Rice, tapioca, buckwheat, corn, cornmeal and gluten free pastas, rice vermicelli, rice noodles, rice, polenta, miracle noodles
Fruit Commercial thickened fruit pie filling, Fresh, frozen, canned, preserved, stewed or dried fruit, fruit juices
Vegetables Canned or frozen vegetables in sauce, commercially prepared vegetable and potato salads, commercial hot chips/wedges Fresh, frozen, dehydrated, or canned vegetables without sauces, vegetable juices
Meat, Fish, Poultry Foods prepared or thickened with flour, battered or crumbed, sausages, most processed meats and fish. Meat pies, frozen dinners, frozen dinners Fresh, smoked, cured, dried, canned meat or fish (without sauce or cereal). Ham off the bone, Bacon, gluten free sausages
Dairy Products Malted milks, cheese mixtures, pastes, spreads, Ice cream with cone or crumbs, Soy based dairy alternatives which contain malt. Block or processed cheese, cream, ricotta or cottage cheese, Fresh milk, UHT, evaporated, powdered or condensed milk, buttermilk, Yoghurt, dairy desserts and ice-cream (may need to check labels), Fresh or canned cream
Legumes, nuts Textured vegetable protein products, gluten steaks, vegetarian meat alternatives and some baked beans (check labels for forbidden foods)  Dried, canned or fresh beans, nuts and seeds, peanut butter
Gluten free canned baked beans
Takeaway food Hamburgers, pizza, souvlaki, sausages, battered food, beer battered, tempura and crumbed food, stuffed roast chickens, Steamed rice, grilled fish (check no flour), chicken (no stuffing), steak, steamed vegetables, baked potato, some chips
Snacks Packet savoury snacks, many sweets and filled chocolates, licorice, many frozen desserts, flavoured potato crisps and corn chips, chewing gum Plain chocolate, popcorn, jelly, meringue, plain potato crisps, plain corn chips, rice crackers, most yoghurts.

Gluten-free versions of snacks, lollies and gum
Beverages Cereal-based coffee substitutes

Cereal-based cocoa beverages

(e.g. Milo®, Ovaltine®, Aktavite®)

Soy milks with malt

Barley waters

Milk flavourings

Beer, ale, stout and lager

Alcoholic soft drinks containing malt extract
 Water, tea, coffee, cocoa, milk, cordials, soft drinks, soda water, mineral water, fruit and vegetable juicesWine (including sparkling and fortified wines), most spirits and liqueurs, cider

armagnac, maker's mark bourbon, calvados, grand marnier, campagne, cider, cognac, gin, grappa, kahlua, kirschwasser, jose cuervo margarita mix, martini, mead, mistico, ouzo, bacardi, sake, scotch whisky, sherry, tequila (from 100% agave or blue agave), vermouth, vodka (from 100% potatoes) or bushman's vodka (made in australia from 100% cane), black death, chopin
Miscellaneous sauces, spreads, and seasonings Malt vinegar, soy sauce containing wheat, baking powders containing wheat flour, mixed seasonings, beef, vegetable and yeast extracts (e.g. Vegemite®, Marmite®, Promite®), Many sauces, pickles, relish, chutney, salad dressing, stock cubes, chicken salt, custard powder with wheat starch, Tomato sauce, most vinegars, jam, peanut butter, salad dressings not thickened, gelatine, gluten free baking powder, gluten free custard powder, gluten-free soy sauce, Mighty Mite®, Vege Spread®, Aussie Mite®

sugar, honey, golden syrup, salt, pepper, herbs and spices.