Plant-based Food Swaps - A Quick Guide

Plant-based Food Swaps - A Quick Guide
The Plant-based movement is forever growing, many people are opting to jump in and begin to try some plant-based alternatives in their lifestyle, through either self-selected choice or for intolerance reasons. In either case, it is good to know what foods you can replace or swap out in your day-to-day cooking without completely changing the flavor profile or texture of the dish and in some cases actually making it better and more flavorsome.

Making Swaps with our Nutrition Nerds

Speaking in-house with our resident nutritionist Chantelle; we have worked together to collate an easy-to-implement list of plant-based food swaps that you can start using in your favorite traditional dishes.

Egg Swap Flaxseed/Chia seed   – Tbs of flax/chia seed per 3tbs of water and allow to absorb for a minimum of 10 mins before adding.
Pulled Pork Swap Pulled Jackfruit.
Beef Mince Swap Brown Lentils.
Cheese Swap Nutritional Yeast, Soaked cashews overnight, and blitz with a pinch of salt.
Sour Cream Swap Soaked Cashews + vinegar blitzed.
Butter/margarine Swap Avo is a surprisingly good plant-based swap.
Ice cream Swap Frozen and blended banana (add your own toppings and flavorings).
Omegas (fish oil) Swap Chia, walnuts, hempseed, flax, and Aurum Oil.
Protein Sources Swap Tempeh or tofu.
Scrambled egg Swap Tofu scramble.
Honey Swap Agave.

Often working around allergens when cooking for larger groups of people, or school lunches; it can be hard to equate various food alternatives to something delicious that doesn’t include the item you are wanting to avoid like traces of egg for example.

There are so many amazing plant-based swaps you can make - even for the fussy eaters if you're trying to keep everyone in the family happy.

Have some Plant-based swaps we haven't covered?

Let us know if you have any other plant-based food swaps like the ones above and we can add them to the list! Simply send them through to the contact us tab of the website or click here.