Seeing out the Christmas Shenanigans?

Seeing out the Christmas Shenanigans?

Christmas through to New Years' is likely the time warp where we go from Christmas eve followed by montuwenthurfri... New years eve! Right? It all becomes a bit of a blur, and after this year it's likely we have lost count of days as it is.

That being said, regardless of the day, when we are entering the silly season of shenanigans and backing one day into the next if you get what we mean... then it's a wise endeavor to probably at the very least wake up a little fresher so that morning sun doesn't hit you like a bus at the modest hour of 10 am the next day.

So, here are our top 5 tips to embracing the morning sunshine without the squint...

  1. Have some foods rich in vitamins and minerals, these tiny little cofactors that are components of your macronutrients are loved by our liver and kidneys to aid them in their necessary functions especially during the festive season. So, if you're feeling very merry, try and get a good wholesome colourful, and green-packed salad in the day when you're taking in that potato salad and gravy. We see you ;-)
    1. Hydrate! This is a no brainer, it can be easy to prefer the sugar sweet and alcoholic laden beverages to that of bland old water, but you still need that H20. So aim to have a glass in between each non-water beverage to keep on top of your hydration needs.
    2. Electrolytes - If you have a stash of Infrared in your cupboard or are on the fence about using it, it's packed with an essential electrolyte blend to top that back up and sip on while you take on the AM and need some nice easy carb fuel on your stomach before you go for that leftover roast straight from the plate in the fridge.
    3. Braving the before bed routine to nail the wakeup - if you're brave enough to get a scoop in before crawling into bed that night, we suggest getting a scoop in of your favorite flavour of Gutright and thanking us for the next day.
      1. Pass up on the caffeine if you can - it will only add to the madness. Swap it out for a herbal tea with fewer diuretic properties, or water if you are feeling super controlled and logical.

          Hot Tip:  Make up an Infrared the day before and keep it in the fridge for when you wake up, we would also recommend smashing down a Vital Food in icy cold water first thing in the morning too, you'll thank us later!

          That's it! Be merry and wise, you will thank us for these little easy insights! See you in the new year, a little less shady we hope!