Lunchbox Economy - Your guide to the goods!

Lunchbox Economy - Your guide to the goods!

Noway Mallow Bars... a guide to the lunchbox economy.

In Australia, we believe in the trade-off system when it comes to lunchbox contents, ever swap a 'fruit roll-up' because you wanted that salad sandwich that sally has, or trade an apple for a cookie... well it's ingrained because we haven't changed even as grown adults!

Economy – Noun: “Terms of production and consumption of goods in exchange for something with value or monetary worth”

Lunchbox – Noun: “Keeper of all things delicious, usually waterproof to avoid soggy snacks, most favorable item in the schoolyard or workplace”

What is a snack worth in the world of the lunchbox economy? What does one trade of equal value with their co-worker for the item of interest longingly gazing at them from across the lunchroom table in their lunchbox; while you look at that tuna and rice ensemble you have been eating each day for the past 12 months?

We have done the math using Noway Mallow Bars as our item of lunchbox trade -

Tuna and Rice – One bite of a Noway Mallow Bar, but only a chocolate-chip free part!

Apple – You can look at it... from a distance, don’t breathe on it though…

Muffin – Now we are getting somewhere… it depends on how healthy this muffin is; Half a Noway Mallow bar for a protein-packed muffin is an equivalent and fair exchange here.

Noway Protein Balls – This is a clean exchange, if you put in the effort to make those delicious Noway Protein balls, that’s a whole mallow bar right there!

Noway coconut and Raspberry Blondies – Again clean exchange, will even let you select your favorite Noway Mallow Bar flavor!

Pumpkin Spice Breakfast Cookies – Two cookies = One Mallow bar and long-lasting friendship, we just became besties, we have worked together for 2 years and never spoken, but we are about to go and do karate in the garage.

Banana Bread with Protein frosting – What are we waiting for, hand over that loaf, here is my whole stash of Noway Mallow bars, the mixed box even so you can sample all the flavors and see which one tickles your fancy. See you the same time next week!

How does your lunchbox economy system work for you? Are you a sharer or a “if you look at my snacks you have a death wish” type?

Share your ATP Science lunchbox creations on socials using the #atpscience and hashtags so we can admire them and share…