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Protein Bars
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Collagen Protein Bars FAQs

We use the same Bodybalance Collagen Peptides in our bars that we use in all of our Noway products

As you can see we have an extremely small ingredient list in comparison to other high protein bars where the ingredient list reads like a novel! This is because we are trying to keep the product as fresh and as "real" as we possibly can without having to throw in a heap of ingredients with numbers. Our flavours are all made specifically for us so that we can ensure they have absolutely no propylene glycol in them - a petroleum product which most "natural" flavours contain.

Protein Bars can be used at any time of the day, often they can be used to help between meals. If you find yourself feeling ‘snackish’ at a certain time of day, they can be utilised to provide a healthy gap filler between meals. So, between meals, after training, or a light way to break a fast, and don’t want a heavy meal to help get you started on the day.

Our bar does not contain the typical culprits responsible for gut upset such as Casein Protein, Milk solids, Maltitol, Wheat flour and Inulin fibre.

At our own facility in Brisbane Australia. We had the equipment specially made for us in order to manufacture these bars. Our facility is a 5 star food facility with both cGMP and HACCP system certifications.