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Beauty Collagen Supplements
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One of the most abundantly found proteins in the human body is collagen. It is the main component of major connective tissues like ligaments, tendons, muscle and skin. Out of the many types of collagen present, there are four common types: Type 1: found in all connective tissues of the body, making it the most common collagen type Type 2: found in intervertebral discs and joints Type 3: the main component of fibres found in your blood vessels and skin Type 4: found in parts of your eye lens, kidneys and inner ear

Below listed are some of the health benefits of taking collagen supplements: Helps boost elasticity and smooth wrinkles in the skin - Collagen supplements have been shown to boost collagen production which helps smooth wrinkles and improve the elasticity of the skin. May help reduce joint pains and aches - Having joint pains and aches can be a hindrance when trying to achieve your health goals. Taking collagen supplements might be the answer to this problem. According to some studies collagen has been found successful in reducing joint pain and aches by lending anti-inflammatory properties and support to connective tissues. Can strengthen bones - As we age, our bone density goes down, especially in women who’ve hit menopause. It has been observed that bone density increased in people who consumed collagen supplements regularly. Researchers attributed this to collagen slowing down the loss of bone density and stimulating bone formation. May promote heart health and muscle mass - It has been theorised that taking collagen supplements can improve heart condition, and promote muscle mass. Collagen may provide structure to your arteries, improving the overall health of your heart. It has also been suggested that taking collagen may stimulate muscle growth and help boost muscle mass in old people.

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