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Protein Supplement FAQs

Collagen is a naturally occurring structural protein found in the connective tissues of your body. Tendons, muscles, skin, bones and ligaments all have components that include collagen as it helps to strengthen and provide structure.

The main point of difference between these protein supplements lies in overall gut satisfaction and friendliness. For many, dairy, which is what whey protein originates from, can be intolerable or poorly digested, often leaving an unsettled stomach after consumption including bloating. Natural protein supplements like that of collagen provide the dairy-free option as well as supporting not just training goals, but also the connective tissue structures that allow us to train at our best time and time again.

* Dairy free alternative * Increase daily intake of protein * Great for sensitive stomach * Gut friendly * Muscle development * Support healthy ligament structure, which may * Help prevent injury during training * Feed total body collagen requirements

Probably, the easiest way to simplify it is, most other protein products out there are simply providing either Amino Acids or longer chains of Amino Acids in the form of Proteins and Peptides that merely provide the building blocks that make things capable of happening. So, if you can imagine a construction site, yeah the bricks have turned up, the Peptides are directing the building, they’re the foremen directing the construction site, so the Peptides have the ability to instruct the body to induce a function and then those building blocks are required to make sure that function is possible.

No it is not. Collagen is from Bovine (cows), most definitely NOT vegan.

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