Our trio of caffeine sources in Area 51 are Guarana, Caffeine and Zum XR. Guarana and Caffeine supercharging a fast energy release as well as ZumRX to keep you at your peak offering a more sustained release.
The main difference between the two is the thermogenic ingredients in Slice N Dice. Area 51 is a new and improved Pre-workout, aimed at giving you a intense and sustained release of energy with sharp mental focus. Slice N Dice is our Thermogenic pre-workout with a slight higher dose of caffeine, to help give your body a boost at shedding that extra wobble.
It does contain English Walnut extract, so it would not be suitable to those that have a sensitivity or allergy to nuts.
Best way to take this is by putting one flat scoop into 625ml of water and take 30 minutes before you exercise.
This can be taken fasted or non-fasted, and how you like to train.
Area 51 and Max Lift are both pre-workouts, but differ in that Max Lift is our non-stimulant pre-workout. The ingredients in Max Lift are designed to give you the strength, focus and energy without caffeine.