Top 5 - ATP Project Diet Related Episodes

Top 5 - ATP Project Diet Related Episodes
Weight loss“How do I lose weight?” “Why can’t I lose weight?” “What are some quick tricks to lose weight that you would recommend?”. We get these exact questions at least a few times a day, and for good reason! Losing weight is hard, confusing and it’s easy to spiral down in impatience and search for quick fixes! So, if you’re surfing through every version of someone’s ‘secret weight loss trick’ to catch you dipping into your wallet, take your hand away and plug your ears into these episodes of the podcast first.

We have collated the most listened to episodes of the ATP Project at over 130,000 downloads, on all things weight-related, from hormones to handbrakes you didn’t know were holding you back.

Take home after the tune in?

There is no quick fix. We hate that term, anything that promises that usually comes undone as soon as it comes together.

What there is, is understanding your body, your hormones, the function of food in relation to nutrients, mood, performance, and recovery and if necessary, filling in any gaps with supplementation only after theses have been taken care of. Food first, movement, sleep, and recovery, and then the rest where required.