5 Reasons to choose Noway Collagen Protein

5 Reasons to choose Noway Collagen Protein

5 Reasons to choose Noway Collagen Protein, the verdict is in and whey is old news. 

The ATP Science Noway Collagen Protein Range contains protein powders and treats such as hot chocolate, mousse, jelly and delicious chocolate coated Jelly bars that fit your macros and taste buds unlike any protein bar you have tried so far! We have the feedback on our newly released bars to prove it, there is nothing like them on the market. 

We are passionate about offering the best collagen protein on the market and being the KINGS of collagen. Especially when it comes to a collagen protein source that the research shows will help support and promote better body composition and strength when compared to other protein sources available. If you’re working hard you want results! As such, we have sourced the best hydrolysed collagen available, BODYBALANCE®. Let’s explore what makes BODYBALANCE® so great! True to our values, you can bet there is some pretty amazing research around this specific collagen peptide. 

1. Not all collagen is the same

There are many different collagen products on the market, marine, cow, pig, “vegan” and even home made bone broth making it’s claim as a collagen source. These different variations offer different types of collagen peptides, or in the case of bone broth - who knows the concentration and quality of collagen as this will vary based on the starting product and cooking method among other things. 

You may be wondering what actually is a collagen peptide, how is it different to protein in general? Doesn’t all protein go into the body to be broken down into it’s individual amino acids, absorbed and used by the body as it sees fit? The short answer is no! A hydrolysed collagen peptide is a shorter, stronger chain of amino acids then your run of the mill protein chain. A hydrolysed collagen peptide is not broken down during the digestive process like protein from other food sources, instead it travels to the small intestine to be absorbed as is. This means that a peptide can be specifically designed to have a targeted effect in the body, instead of being turned into random amino acids to be used wherever the body deems fit.

In recent years there has been a variety of randomised controlled trials performed in different groups such as sarcopenic men, pre-menopausal women, recreationally active men and most recently (2021) untrained middle-aged men.(1,2,3,4,5) These trials used BODYBALANCE®, a very specific hydrolysed collagen peptide that is derived from grass fed pasture raised cows. The findings discussed the ability for this particular peptide to help support and promotes muscle mass, muscle strength, lean body mass production, stimulate and boosts collagen production and increase Pro-Collagen and Elastin.(1,2,3,4,5,6)

2. Promotes muscle mass when compared to whey protein

Whey protein, yes we have heard that this is “superior”. But why and where is this statement coming from? Some fitness goers are concerned about the lack of tryptophan in hydrolysed collagen, which is one of those amino acids we were talking about earlier. Let’s bust this myth right now, hydrolysed collagen peptides are to be used in conjunction with adequate protein in the diet and not as the only protein source so this concern is simply not valid. You can’t deny the evidence, when compared to whey, BODYBALANCE® has shown to support a better body composition.(5) Tryptophan or no tryptophan. Myth busted. 

3. Supports lean body mass compared to whey protein

When hitting the gym, upping your training game and maximising your nutrition with the goal of significantly improving fat free mass you want the best protein to support this goal. Pairing these efforts with BODYBALANCE® Noway collagen has shown to be more beneficial then when using whey protein.(1,5) 4. 

4. More power/muscle strength when compared to whey protein

Strength gains anyone? This has to be one of the most impressive things that BODYBALANCE® Noway collagen has to offer, do you want to improve your squat, deadlift, bench-press, row and isometric strength? (2) Then BODYBALANCE® Noway has you covered and whey leaves you lagging behind.(5) 

5. Your gut will thank you

If you are one of those people that worries about where they are going to be and who is going to be next to them after they finish their whey protein shake, BODYBALANCE® Noway collagen protein might be the solution you are looking for. An onslaught of smelly and uncomfortable gas after a whey shake can cause some real anxiety for some people. With the research showing BODYBALANCE® Noway collagen promotes and supports strength and body composition BETTER THEN WHEY, there is no longer a need to submit yourself to the discomfort the lactose in whey can provide. Bye bye gas, hello…well just being comfortable while smashing your goals and then some!



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