ATP Science Team takes on Strong Pilates

ATP Science Team takes on Strong Pilates
Recently the team at ATP Science was invited to participate in a morning session at Strong Pilates center in Hope Island. Let us tell you, what we were not expecting was the burn that we got from that session! 45 mins and we were put through our paces, it was intense but we loved every minute of it.

What is Strong Pilates?

Strong Pilates at Hope Island is one of the most beautiful studio spaces we have ever laid eyes on, and it consists of 45 mins of rower and reformer work. Bodyweight exercises, cardio, and core packed into a guided session with the team from Strong. The music is upbeat, the instructors genuinely want you to succeed during the session and get the most from your workout.

They offer multiple sessions across the day, that you can pick more site-specific sessions for working on upper, lower, core etc. They offer:

  • Strong body.
  • Strong burn.
  • Strong resistance.
  • Strong Core.
  • Strong form.

You can expect a happy high heartbeat, sweat and to get a little more of a push to your comfort zone. So, here is a little recap from some of the team if you were thinking of checking out the Strong Pilates franchise…

Did you know what to expect going into the 45 min session with the instructor?

Brooklyn: I thought I knew what to expect, I had done pilates and yoga exercise sessions in the past, even Bikram yoga which I found hard, but this… was the best burn I have ever had in muscles I now have realized I need to use more of.

Elsa: I’ve done reformer Pilates before so had an inkling of what it would be like however adding the rowing sprints into the mix really got me good haha!

What was your favourite part of the session?

Brooklyn: I loved all of it, but I think the leg workouts and the diversity of them were great, I really really felt it in my inner thighs which are every girls target area dream! She gave us the option to add some pulses in to increase the difficulty and my goodness did it what!

Elsa: Legs legs legs, I train legs twice a week generally and this class worked them completely differently to how I would normally, I was so sore the following days after.  I also loved the rowing sprints too to get the heart rate up!

How would you best describe this sort of workout?

Brooklyn: It’s a higher intensity than what I'm usually used to being a gym-goer, but I was able to keep up considerably easily, it was like a hybrid of cardio and interval bodyweight exercises. The rower attached to the reformer is genius and those little encouraging pushes to compete against yourself really motivated me.

Elsa: Intense and motivating.  The workout was a nice balance of cardio and strength minus the weights, I also have shitty ankles and found it was awesome for my balance and ankle strength.  The instructor was awesome and really made the experience motivating and challenging.

How are you feeling now 3 days on? What muscle group would you say you felt it the most in?

Brooklyn: Definitely feeling it in my obliques holy moly, honestly thought I used them more than that. I've cringed from laughing now at the muscle pain but I loved it, makes me laugh more when I get that little twinge.

Elsa: So sore!  In particular my glutes and the inside of my legs.

Would you recommend Strong Pilates to a friend?

Brooklyn: I actually would, I am by no means an influencer of any kind and I'm not usually one to be like “hey go and do this thing” just because. I kind of run my own race and let people run theirs, but this kicked my butt. The team is so friendly and the facility is immaculate. It’s a yes from me big time!

Elsa: Definitely would, I actually think I will incorporate it into my workout routine when they open more in Brisbane, even just once a week I think it would be really beneficial.

If you are keen to find out more - feel free to check out their website or socials below: