Clean and Clear Initiative

Clean and Clear Initiative

ATP Science Clean and Clear Initiative

Clean Ingredients

ATP Science puts a great deal of effort into sourcing and ensuring the quality of our active ingredients. We go above and beyond to guarantee the quality and synergy in our formulations. We have recently built our own manufacturing facility. To ensure our commitment to quality is carried through the whole manufacturing process: we had to take control of every step.

This control has allowed us to take the next step in creating the ultimate formulations. As we believe nature knows best we have made a commitment to remove all artificial excipients from our blends and use only natural compounds.

We have discovered that splitting rice into starches, waxes and fibres means we are capable of using rice components to improve flow and aid in encapsulation and as a result we remove the silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate excipients.

Clear Vegie- Capsules

Most capsules are made of gelatine. They are much cheaper, stronger and easier to work with. Gelatine capsules give faster productivity, smoother running of machinery and less product wastage. The white capsules get their white from titanium dioxide. We have moved to clear capsules to avoid the need for titanium dioxide.

We use capsules made from the vegetable fibre from pine trees; hypromellose. Hypromellose is a natural vegetable fibre with gut friendly properties. ATP formulation synergies extend to the capsule now working with our gut to aid in product efficacy.

Less Environmental Burden

Other initiatives we have taken include changing some herbal materials that were creating excessive cleaning with harsh chemicals and wasting water and electricity.

For example;

Turmeric is usually processed to be a very fine and bright golden yellow powder. It is a sticky ingredient so fillers are added to keep it free flowing and bright in colour. We stop the turmeric processing earlier when it is in granule form; before they add fillers and excipients. This means our product is not as artificially bright and avoids the need for excipients but also means there is less dust escaping machinery and this means less cleaning. Much less cleaning. And less cleaning means less chemicals and less power and water being wasted. Thereby reducing the environmental burden from our facility.

Eurycoma in Alpha Jupiter and Alpha Apex contains a high resin content. When concentrated extracts are created by spiking active ingredients with pharmaceutical grade actives the powder is very sticky and clogs machinery. By adding more of a weaker natural version we lose some profit margins on the cost of goods but we significantly reduce the environmental burden from cleaning and reduce the need for artificial excipients to lubricate the machinery.

The Trade Off

Nature is not consistent. Every snowflake is a unique pattern. Colours change from season to season.

We can accept or reject materials based on qualities and quantities of active ingredients, extraction ratios, species identification, artefacts and adulterations. But not on colour variation as that is a natural phenomenon. When going el natural you may see some variations in the colour of the capsules from batch to batch.

Increased cost. The synthetics can be mass produced and made consistent and cheap. Natural excipients are much more expensive and harder to use. And while ATP is riding the crest of the wave of these innovations there are new discoveries and lessons learnt from batch to batch. Going all natural costs more to make.