Feeling bloated? How gut health supplements can help

Feeling bloated? How gut health supplements can help

Feeling bloated? How gut health supplements can help

Ever feel like you’re constantly walking on eggshells with your gut health? You might eat one thing and all of a sudden, you’re struggling with gas, bloating or inflammation. The truth is, your gut requires a very specific balance of beneficial bacteria to keep you feeling your best. But we’re here to tell you: it’s not as complicated as you think. Going back to basics may be the very thing many of us are missing in our daily diets, lifestyles and routines.


What’s your gut telling you?

The gut, or your digestive system, is an incredible network of organisms that helps your body to break down and absorb nutrients. Now here’s the fascinating part. Your gut is lined with trillions of microorganisms that intricately (and ideally) work together to support your body’s overall immunity and wellbeing. This gut lining is called the gut microbiome and it’s populated by a diversity of beneficial and potentially harmful bacteria.

When your gut microbiome is knocked out of balance it leads to dysbiosis—which is basically a disruption to your gut’s natural ability to support your health. Dysbiosis can feel like bloating, gas, inflammation in the bowels, uncomfortable bowel movements, food sensitivities, brain fog—and it can even manifest via skin conditions! Many factors can tip the balance of your gut health like the food you eat, the medications you take, the environments you’re exposed to, your exercise routine and even your mental or emotional health.


Back to basics

Our knowledge of the microbiome has absolutely revolutionised how we look at gut health today. Believe it or not, the world’s scientific community at large really only discovered just how important the microbiome was during the ‘90s and early 2000s. Now, we understand exponentially more about the role of the microbiome and how we can support it to do its job in our daily lives.

So how do we do that? Let’s rewind to the early human diet. Back in those days, people consumed more natural fibres, skins, peels and seeds. Unsurprisingly, these foods contained the modbiotic compounds—AKA: naturally occurring chemicals found in fruit, nuts, vegetables, seeds and spices—that we’re so often deficient in today. In fact, generally speaking, our modern diets aren’t doing our poor gut microbiomes many favours. As a result, we forget to nurture our microbiomes for optimal bacterial balance.


Get your gut working right

Make gut bloating and discomfort a thing of the past! Even if you think you’re ticking all the boxes of healthy eating, exercise and lifestyle, sometimes the contributors to poor gut health can be hard to control. For example, many of our foods are not farmed or produced with optimal or natural levels of the polyphenols we need. Because of this, we tend to consume more sugar, less fibre, fewer micronutrients, and sadly, more pesticides (which can alter the microbes in our guts).

So, what can we do to support our gut health? Finding the right gut health supplement, like GUTRIGHT®, can make all the difference. We know that supporting a healthy balance of bacteria is key to good gut health. Too many bad bacteria? That’s a problem. Too many good bacteria? Yep, this can also be a problem! By supplementing with GUTRIGHT, you can reintroduce some of the missing modbiotics your gut needs for optimal microbial balance.

ATP Science has an epic range of scientifically-tested gut health products developed to promote microbiome balance and diversity. Check it out today. Or, if you’re interested in starting your gut health journey, we’ve got you sorted with this guide.