Hot Chocolate - 5 Ways to Have it all Year Round!

Hot Chocolate - 5 Ways to Have it all Year Round!
Hot chocolate - Did you know, you don’t always have to have hot chocolate hot? We have been experimenting with some creative ways to have your Noway Hot Chocolate and here are some of the staff favourites!

  1. Have it cold over ice, simply mix it up in a little hot water until it’s all melted together, and then pour over ice with your choice of milk, add a straw and enjoy!

iced hot chocolate

2. Hot chocolate Mini muffins! Our recipe master cooked up these amazing hot chocolate mini muffins which make an excellent addition to your nighttime tea to cosy up on the couch for a little after-dinner treat/nightcap.

3. Sprinkle it over the ice cream, to add a triple choc dimension to your evening snack, with the added addition of magnesium in the hot chocolate

noway hot chocolate

4. Hot! Of course, the creamy soul-warming way to have it, maybe with the addition of some added marshmallows if you are feeling a little extra for the evening.

5. Mix it in with your morning oats if you are planning on having a relaxing day ahead, the addition of magnesium bisglycinate sets the mood for that ‘knook with a book’ on a rainy day and a good old rich chocolate flavour to your oats too! Treat yourself!