JOLT and Noway – What’s the Difference?

JOLT and Noway – What’s the Difference?
Jolt and Noway - When we talk about collagen at ATP, it’s never just about “collagen” as a whole, it’s always linked to a specific or desired outcome, and that comes from the ‘peptide’ aspect of the collagen. Peptides are incredible tools that provide a particular set of functions in the body depending on their design or at which part of the protein they are cleaved from. We will go into this in more detail below

Let’s start with what a ‘Peptide’ is

A peptide is simply a compound with two or more amino acids linked in a chain.

If we are looking at protein for example – protein is a formation built from singular specific amino acids in a sequential pattern. If we are looking at collagen as a protein, per se the main amino acids that makeup collagen protein are:

- Glycine.
- Proline.
- Hydroxyproline.
- Arginine.

These form the flexible, triple helix-like structure of the collagen protein strand that we have given identity to.

When you are looking at a protein peptideyou are looking at a break in the protein chain that then acts as a key for a specific function from that protein instead. Along the chain are almost like this coding, when we want the peptide to deliver a particular instruction or message, we cleave the strand at the specific point that the tail ends make for an action intent particular to the tail ends of where it is cleaved. Peptides can carry messages in the body, such as growth or repair signals.

Of course, there is far more to it than just this, but that’s the essence of it.

Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides begin to make a lot more sense!

Throughout the hydrolysis process, collagen is extracted, at measured temp levels, and the team at Gelita in Germany spends all of their time with nothing but collagen, just as an insight. They are the elite nerds when it comes to collagen; so, when observing collagen as just a protein, it's a great source, and the body can break down the protein through digestion and free up the aminos to go towards different protein-dependent structures in the body. Allocate them when and where needed, however, with this form there is no way to ensure that these are going to the area you are after specifically that may have collagen structures that need attention such as:

- Joints.
- Ligaments.
- Tendons.
- Cartilage.
- Muscle.
- Skin.

You get the picture, and our body is made up of approximately 30% collagen matrix structures [1], it needs a lot of these amino acids to help sustain this % of total body protein.

Targeting these areas that may be getting less attention than other regions can be tricky until you work out what specific key is required for the lock… herein lies the purpose of collagen peptides.

Collagen peptides found in Noway Collagen Protein

In Noway, we use the BodyBalance collagen peptides developed by Gelita Germany. These isolated collagen peptides work to target specific structural roles in the body to help support training and recovery.

BodyBalance has been shown to work positively on two main areas in the body, and these are:

- Assist in the reduction in Fat Mass.[2][3]

- Improve and assist in the Increase of lean body mass.[3][4]

This makes it a perfect candidate to work into your day around training and as part of your protein macronutrient goals if you are currently training, focusing on your recovery, or just want to get your daily serving of collagen protein in.

Collagen Peptides Found in JOLT

Like BodyBalance, JOLT utilizes high-quality collagen peptides from the team at Gelita in a specific blend. Combining specific hydrolyzed collagen peptides designed to target the following areas:

- Collagen components of joint cartilage.[5][6][7]

- Collagen components of tendons and ligaments.[8]

In other words, – JOLT is more specific to overall healthy joint, tendon, and cartilage function in the body. An easy 15g serve per day that’s easy to pop into your breakfast smoothie to start the day or protein shake after training.

Can you have both?

Yes, the studies referenced in this article are dose dependent studies on the different forms of collagen peptides used. Noway which uses the BodyBalance collagen peptides is a 15g daily serve for optimal absorption and use.

JOLT is a total 15g serve of individual collagen peptides at their required 5g dose serves. It’s easy to fit both in during the day and use them to target both.

Take home message

Which is better? They have various functions, but if we can help create a mental image for why both products exist as a little information packet… Picture an image of an anatomical illustration of skeletal muscle. You will see the red and white tissue that lies under our skin. Noway targets the red and a little crossover on the white and JOLT targets majority of the white. This way, you get full access to connective tissue and lean muscle mass.

Check out the individual product pages for more info. Have a question? Feel free to reach out on any of our social platforms or via the contact us page on the website, and one of our team will be more than happy to assist.

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