JOLT - Stacking Collagen Peptides

JOLT - Stacking Collagen Peptides

Collagen – it seems to be everywhere on the market now, in supplements, and in cosmetics, you name it the world has gone wild for collagen. Why do we personally love collagen? Because collagen makes up 30% of your total body protein . Collagen is our connective tissue and webs itself in the form of fibers across our organs, tendons, dermis, bones, interstitial fibers in-between that of our muscle fibers, our fascia, and membranes .

You have heard us talk about this many times with NOWAY which is the BodyBalance™ collagen peptides from Gelita that we have expanded into our range of products from the Noway, Hot Chocolate, Bars and soon to be 'Noway Treats'. However, today we are here to talk about something far more specific we have created… JOLT™

What is JOLT?

JOLT is the cover-all-combo of Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides. It contains an abundance of amino acids that can contribute nutritional support in the synthesis of collagen and for the maintenance of normal healthy collagen status in the body. When we say ‘combo’, that’s because we mean it contains leading forms of specific collagen peptides into one convenient 15g serve for alternate functions that are specific to your needs.

  • 1 full 5g serve of Tendoforte®
    • 1 full 5g serve of Fortigel®

    If you recognize some of these funky names, that’s because we have teamed up again with the masterminds in collagen at Gelita, the worlds leading collagen specialists to bring you this beauty. So, without further delay, let's break down each one of these in more detail…


    If you have ever rolled your ankle during a simple walk or running down for the try line, you know the excruciating pain that can come with a torn or damaged ligament, right? That’s because our ligaments and tendons have the role of binding our muscles and our bones so we can flex and move, have stability or control which movements we voluntarily make.  You know pretty quickly when something is out of whack once you injure it.  So, naturally looking after the health of your ligaments and tendons is pretty darn important.

    More often than not, injuries to a tendon and ligament can be seen in the degeneration of collagen fibres, meaning that healing takes a long time and immobilization is often necessary. Tendoforte® is a selection of specific bioactive collagen peptides that work to improve the elasticity and function of tendons and ligaments through the biosynthesis of new extracellular matrix molecules that are specific to ligaments and tendons .


    Collagen plays an important role in cartilage.  Wear and tear in the joints is seen as normal as we age, right? Sometimes the wear and tear can come on much earlier if we are prone to over-exercising or using one specific joint more than others, you can see more isolated wear in these areas than overall degeneration as we age.

    Collagen may make up an average of 30% of total body protein, but it also makes up an average of 70% of cartilage tissue . Which makes sense.  Think about it, cartilage takes on severe amounts of impact over long spans of time in a repetitive action, your knees being a classic example we can all relate to. Cartilage needs to be resilient and spongy. Studies conducted on the use of Fortigel® confirm that the intake of Fortigel® results in improvement of mobility in healthy individuals .

    Who can benefit from using JOLT?

    Anyone who is seeking to target more area-specific aspects of their body. Specific collagen peptides are just that - specific to an intended purpose. The three collagen varieties have been combined to provide 15g of specific collagen peptides with the intended purpose of:

    • Assisting in normal joint function.
      • Contributing to healthy joint cartilage production.
      • Assisting in the maintenance of healthy bones and joints.

          What is a peptide?

          Peptides are specific cleaved shorter strands of amino acid sequences that provide a function that is specific to where they orientate in the body. They are functional, bioactive, and work as building blocks to other forms of proteins in the body – collagen is a perfect example. They act as more specific instructions to a task - if that makes more sense.

          How can I use JOLT?

          1 x 15g serve daily mixed into water or other liquids.  Cook with it if you want to get creative, collagen peptides are extracted at high temps, unlike heat-sensitive forms of protein, cooking won’t denature the collagen structure.

          That’s why we use it in most of our cooking!

          To find out more on JOLT jump over to the product page for insight on size, price, and flavours.


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