Kid Friendly Collagen Recipes

Kid Friendly Collagen Recipes
We wanted to highlight in this summary of delicious recipes that the Noway range is kid-friendly! This means you can get all of that collagen goodness in a tasty snack with them none the wiser… Without further delay, below are our Top 5 collagen packed combos to try in your picnic basket or back to school lunchbox.

Gooey Caramel Collagen Cookies

Caramel is always an automatic hit with most kids, healthy caramel alternatives that taste the same… even better! These gooey caramel cookies are an office hit with all of the big kids here, so we are certain they will get the tick of approval for the snack judges in the house!

Pizookie – Pizza Cookie

Peanut butter choc-chip Pizza Cookie with Noway Ice cream… If the Noway Ice cream wasn’t already a treat in itself, try adding it on top if of a mini-pizza sized cookie and dig your spoon into the soft warm gooey centre with the family around, or for yourself as a cheeky dessert that carries the collagen benefits as well!

Noway Lamington Bites

An Aussie icon or Kiwi? Hmmm, that we will never know. But what we do know is that these bite-sized Lamingtons hit the spot no matter the time of day. Morning tea? Covered. 3 pm snack attack? Covered. Late-night munch? Covered. A light and fluffy alternative to a protein ball, without missing out on the protein benefits. Packing 10g per serve of nutritious collagen protein.

Noway Fro-Yo Blocks

Last, but definitely not least… Noway Fro-Yo blocks. We whip these up for the office and keep them in the freezer ready to go. Brisbane gets mighty warm this time of year, so if you’re heading into the summer heat, we definitely recommend keeping a batch of these handy. Delicious collagen protein with creamy coconut milk or your milk of choice means that your tasty snack is 16g of collagen protein, healthy fats, and next to no sugar! Perfect for after school or as an after-dinner treat to keep their bellies satisfied until morning.

We hope you love these tasty kid-friendly collagen creations from the team as much as we loved making and eating them! Make sure you tag us in your recipes too, @atpscience on Instagram so we can share them!