Is it 'Selfish' to 'Self Care'?

Is it 'Selfish' to 'Self Care'?

Self-care - The year is 2021, you survived the absolute chaos of 2020 and there is still some uncertainty in the air. You have been cooped up in the same space for months, dreaming of a holiday, getting back into a normal gym routine, and not having to tackle the shops kitted up from head to toe in protective gear. It was and still is a strange reality we all got thrown into across the globe. However, in many ways, it’s given us the space to reconnect with ourselves more on what we like and what we don’t like.  

‘Self-care' is becoming more prominent now more than ever and for good reason. We are beginning to value more of our alone time to unwind and reconnect with ourselves.  

What Does Self-Care' Actually Mean? 

Self-Care is termed by committing to any activity that may help improve and restore your energy, reduce stress, and improve your mental focus. Whatever this may entail as interpretation for the individual; often this can be seen in journaling, organizing some attainable budgets that reduce stress around financial states, going to bed earlier – simple things like this that you decide to make a priority for yourself to better how you feel internally and externally as a result.  


Why Is Self-Care Important?  

It is important because we live in a very busy and chaotic world, we often fall into the habit of putting others before ourselves and as a result, fall behind on maintenance of ‘self’. What is important for you to make you physically feel good, mentally feel good, what do you need to do for you to better your presence in relationships, family time, and just be able to obtain some peace around your day?  

Not everyone knows where to start with Self-Care, which in a way, shows us how much we need to start focusing on ourselves some more. This is not to be categorized as self-absorbed in any way shape or form, caring for self and the wellbeing of who you are mentally and physically should never be deemed as narcissistic or selfish. You, after all, cannot be the best person for yourself and others if you don’t take time to work out what makes you happy first.  

Some examples of methods of Self-Care:  


  • Incorporating more movements and exercise into your regime, these do not need to be limited to just gym or running marathons. It can be as simple as stretching and simply moving your body, yoga and pilates are very soothing and great for mobility. 
  • Sleep – it seems obvious, but most of us find it easy to just say ‘1 more episode’ of an evening when we are deep into our favourite season on Netflix rather than setting down some boundaries for a sleep schedule.  
  • Try to monitor your use of alcohol and other substances – are these helping or hindering you and if this is an area you want to work on, there are many brilliant professionals willing to help you along this journey to better self-care.  
  • Take advantage of a walk – fresh air and calm steady movements of the body are excellent practice for taking a time out for just you.  


  • Set time aside to journal and write down your thoughts and ideas, sometimes we are often craving a conversation of like-minded nature and it can be hard to find. Discovering the art of journaling and self-authoring is a brilliant way to get out and make sense of how the cogs in your mind are moving.  
  • Breathing exercises that work for you to bring you more centered and calmer in situations that might usually add stress and anxiety. This can be good to practice as a self-care method.  
  • Remove negative stimuli from your line of vision as much as necessary – social media can be a highlight real and deter us from knowing what is and isn't reality. If there are pages that are there that make you uncomfortable or aren't great for your mental health, then unfollow and find which ones make you feel good instead.  


  • A big one for 2021 that we would love to see practiced is ‘dating yourself’ this doesn’t mean that you must be single, you can be in a relationship too. It’s a matter of taking an hour or two to yourself once a week, fortnight or month and grabbing yourself a nice coffee or a bite to eat and reading a book; doing what you like to do and discovering who you are and what you like to do. This can be very healthy for couples and singles to practice, to know who they are as individuals and as partners. 
  • Find your hobbies and passions and pursue them meaningfully – if a long time ago you loved to draw and do art; rediscover that drive to do that again if you want to. If you want to learn something new as a hobby, craft, or who knows, maybe even learn an instrument. This is a great way to show yourself self-care and reinvigorate your relationships as a result. When you are happy with your passions this gives a positive energy vibrance to others and they can often want to discover theirs too.  

These are just some ways that are easy to navigate if you are unsure what self-care entails. There is no right or wrong way to go about it. If the outcome has a positive impact on your mind, body, and soul, then keep finding ways to do that for you.   

Mapping the future of Self-care  

The future of self-care and people providing a space for themselves in their mind, body, and spirit/soul has an endless number of opportunities that can come from it. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, it can be as simple as a facemask or a cup of tea, just ensure you are doing your best to fit it into your regime more regularly, so who you are as an individual is as important as the time you make for others.  

If you have any questions for us, always feel free to contact us via the website or via our Instagram channel @atpscience  We are happy to help! 

Disclaimer: As always, this is for information purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any condition. Please consult with your health care professional before making any changes to your current lifestyle.