Top 10 Tips for Living in a Toxic World

Top 10 Tips for Living in a Toxic World
In our podcasts, we touch on a lot of topics to do with toxins. Avoid the toxins you can and learn tricks to live with the toxins you can’t avoid.

1. NRF2 Activators - The NRF2 gene is our resilient gene. It helps with our first line of defence against all sorts of toxins including electromagnetic radiation from phones and wifi that we can’t avoid. Herbs such as Schisandra, turmeric, withania and the brassicas are all potent NRF2 gene activators.

2. Ditch the Plastic - Avoiding plastic in all forms where possible is beneficial not just for our friendly sea creatures and waterways; plastics are loaded with endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC’s) and Xenoestrogen’s which, can create hormonal chaos and disrupt our normal production, activity, detoxification and elimination of hormones.

3. Eat Organic – Glyphosate is prevalent as an active herbicide sprayed on our plants, fruits and veggies and science is now showing that Glyphosate actually kills of the good guys in our gut flora like Bifidobacterium and lactobacillus and leaves the bad guys like E.coli behind to flourish.

4. Maintain Good Gut Health – gut wall permeability and leaky gut wall, deficiency of fibre and imbalance in gut flora will predispose to further toxic exposure.

5. Water – fluoride, aluminium and chlorine filled water is no good for us and the compounds used are not naturally occurring substance found in water in nature, this is added to our tap water so try to find a good quality water filter or bottles of Australian spring.

6. Sleep – sleep is so important as this is the time the body can go into repair and recovery mode and is more likely to assist the body with helping to fight off oxidative stressors.

7. Sweating – ensuring that you sweat enough daily is important for the natural detoxification of toxins from the body and supports the movement and flushing of the lymphatic system.

8. Avoid Excessive Amounts of Synthetic Fortified Vitamins – these can create imbalances, overwhelming certain pathways and accumulate and activate cell signaling of reactive oxygen species which damages the lipid membranes, proteins and DNA structure. Overdosing vitamins will compete with toxins for detoxification and elimination.

9. Heavy Metals – Detoxifying heavy metals from the body is beneficial, avoid anti-perspirants that contain aluminium and Include foods rich in Humic acid, silicon, zinc and selenium as these help to detoxify the Heavy metals.

10. Cosmetics, Deodorants, Hair and Skincare – Many topical skin care products such as make-up, moisturisers, sunscreen etc. contain many hidden toxins that can penetrate the skin or be inhaled.