Top 5 ATP Christmas Recipes

Top 5 ATP Christmas Recipes
Get into the spirit with the team from ATP Science this year! We have collated our Top 5 favourite Christmas recipes that are a hit with every office Christmas party, Christmas day desserts, or family-friendly snacks in the lead up to the 25th of December. So, if you want to add a little bit of delicious and nutritious flair to this year’s cooking, dig into these recipes below…

Noway Ice Cream Cake

Ok, this one definitely had to make the top 5 cuts… because it is easily the simplest and biggest crowd-pleaser, especially for the little tots come Christmas evening when you’re wanting something sweet without the immense sugar rush that can come from other sweet desserts after a long day of eating a tremendous number of foods you wouldn’t usually eat in a sitting. Drizzle some melted peanut butter or Biscoff if you feel like getting naughty… but also nice!

ATP Christmas Trifle

The winner for the most vibrant table decoration goes to this one hand down. When we did the photoshoot for this in HQ, we all stood there in awe of how well this one presented itself. Not only that, it's light and fluffy and packed with protein per serving too!

Vanilla Noway Snowballs

Raspberry is at the centre of our hearts this Christmas, just like our Vanilla Noway Snowballs, they go down a treat with everyone. A beautifully dense vanilla exterior with a gooey soft raspberry centre to match. We recommend dressing these up with some edible gold flecks on the big day and making the table piece a stand out, a healthy stand out of course!

Noway Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread for the win! Add some spice with your naughty or nice theme this year… these little gingerbread biscuits go great as little snack gifts. Make them up, pop them in a pretty air-tight jar and wrap a ribbon around it as a stocking filler or for the hard to buy for snack monster in the family.

Choc-Tiramisu Balls

The adults of the house can have a bit more of an adventure with these if you do happen to choose not to make them kid-friendly, however, our recipe is family-friendly. For the finer taste buds of the house, Choc-Tiramisu Balls are a healthy snack to finish off the big day or week with a cup of coffee as you sit down and look at all the packing and mess you need to clean up the next day. Future problems, but for now, treat yourself.

We hope you love these Christmas creations from the team as much as we loved making and eating them! Make sure you tag us in your recipes too, @atpscience on Instagram. From all the crew, a very merry Christmas to you!