Vasoactive Amine Food - Guidelines

Vasoactive Amine Food - Guidelines

Vasoactive Amine Foods

Vasoactive amine foods contain chemicals that can alter blood vessel activity and may trigger migraine or other vascular headaches. Every person will have different degrees of sensitivity and can tolerate varying amounts of exposure.

Vasoactive amines may naturally be found in certain foods or are produced during fermentation, aging and storage in other foods.

Vasoactive Amine Food List

"Accent" or MSG Orange
Alcoholic Beverages (All Types) Pickled Herring
Avocado Pineapple
Bananas Plums, Prunes and Prune Juice
Buttermilk Pods of Broad-beans (Fava, Big Lima and Pinto Beans)
Caffeine Prepared Meat - Canned, Bacon, Sausage, Lunch meat, Ham etc. Any Meat that contains NITRATE preservatives (E249 - E252
Cheese (Exc. Cream Cheese, Ricotta and Cottage cheese Chicken Livers
Chocolate Raisins, Grapes and Grape Juice
Cola Drinks Sour Cream
Figs, Canned Soy Sauce
Meat Tenderizer Yeast Extract