Your Dream Protein Bar Does Exist!

Your Dream Protein Bar Does Exist!

Your Dream Protein Bar Does Exist! 

What Makes the ATP Science Protein Jelly Bar Different?  

Finally, a bar that actually tastes good- chalk texture free is the promise! Instead, think of chocolate-coated turkish delight-like goodness that fits your macros and keeps your gut happy and full. The vision behind the creation of this bar was to ensure that ATP Science was not adding to the collection of bars championing whey, casein, pea, soy protein with a side of gluten, artificial sweeteners, and funky flavourings…bar forms of garbage for your gut. The team who created this wanted you to be able to grab a convenient bar that tastes like a treat and provides you with a whole serving of gut-friendly collagen protein, not just a sprinkle amongst the whey, soy, gluten, sweeteners and flavourings. If you have ever taken a bite out of a protein bar and tasted that funky chemical flavour combined with the cardboard texture, you know that a protein bar that you actually WANT to eat is almost impossible to find…until now.  

Noway Jelly Bar Clean Ingredient Checklist at a Glance: 

20g of collagen protein per bar  

Gut Friendly  

Nut Free  

5.2g of fibre  

Free of artificial sweeteners  

Free of artificial colours  

Free of artificial flavours  


Balanced Macronutrients 

Why should you care about the Ingredients List? 

Clean ingredients might not be at the top of your care factor list. It should be! To create a bar that tastes good actually means investing in good quality crap-free ingredients. It can often be the artificial flavours and sweeteners that create funky tastes and can alter the texture of a bar for the worse, you know the mushy, crumbly or crunchy mouthful of yuk you wish you never had the displeasure of experiencing. There is a science to creating a palatable and macro-friendly bar. The ATP Science Jelly bar has had 5 YEARS of research and development poured into it and a team of qualified food scientists who have brought it to life. The results speak for themselves.  

Why Sugar? 

Yes, the Noway Collagen Jelly Bars contain approximately 1 ½ tsp of sugar BUT high-quality chocolate is the source instead of artificial sweeteners. Gut health was at the top of the priority list during the creation of this bar which means a complete exclusion of artificial sweeteners such as maltitol, sorbitol and sucralose. Sugar is not evil when consumed mindfully and amongst a balanced diet, the bars are also high in fibre and protein to help ensure the sugar is not rapidly absorbed to negatively impact insulin levels. 

Why Erythritol?  

Erythritol is a natural sweetener derived from the natural fermentation of fruits and vegetables. When creating a bar, sugar would usually be included to ensure that it is shelf stable. Erythritol was selected as it ensures the stability of the bars and does not have negative effects on your gut as it is not fermented by your gut bugs. Erythritol is also calorie free which means no impact to your macronutrients for the day.  

Why Polydextrose and Soluble Corn Fibre? 

In order to provide the perfect amount of fibre in these bars a combination of polydextrose and soluble corn fibre was the winning combination. No polydextrose is not a sugar…don’t be fooled by the “dextrose”. This was used as the necessary partner for erythritol to ensure stability with the added benefits of fibre. However, too much polydextrose would have you running to the toilet so the remaining fibre ingredient is soluble corn fibre…Why? Because loads of different fibres were trialled during the creation of this bar and all of them produced a bitter taste when cooked except soluble corm fibre, you're welcome! Not to mention the sweetness soluble corn fibre can provide to the flavour profile paired with the prebiotic benefits. (1) It has also been found to help stabilise blood sugar levels and could have the potential to promote bone health through increasing calcium and mineral absorption. (2,3)  

Why Collagen?  

The star ingredient is the Bodybalance® collagen. Bodybalance® collagen contains a very specific peptide, this is not your standard protein chain. A protein chain is usually made up of a variety of individual amino acids, when it reaches your stomach, the amino acids are freed from their chain and absorbed then distributed throughout the body to be used for a variety of different functions. A Bodybalance® collagen peptide is a smaller protein chain that has been specifically designed using a certain sequence of amino acids. This peptide’s amino acids are not set free during digestion, instead, it is absorbed in its whole form to be used for a targeted effect within the body. Think of it like the key that can help to unlock muscle strength and lean body mass. (4,5,6,7,8,9)  

A big benefit to cooking with collagen is that the peptide strand is not altered during the cooking process. Unlike whey protein, collagen does not denature when heated to create the bars, that special little collagen peptide stays in its functional form so you can enjoy the benefits.  

Bodybalance® Collagen for Muscle Strength and Lean Body Mass.  

Let’s take a look at the research around Bodybalance® collagen, because it exists and it is impressive! There are now 6 high-quality studies discussing the ability of this peptide to support and promote muscle strength, muscle mass, and lean body mass when combined with adequate diet and training. (4,5,6,7,8,9) Bodybalance® has also been compared to whey protein to show higher benefits for lean body mass and muscle strength. (4,5,8) 

The Take Home Message 

The Noway Jelly Bar has had 5 years of research and development poured into by a dedicated team of food scientists, chefs, and visionaries to ensure that they deliver a crap-free, gut-friendly, satisfying, tasty, and performance-enhancing bar. There have been no corners cut and the results speak for themselves. The Noway jelly bar has a delicious jelly texture, unlike any protein bar you have tried. The bar is coated with a dusting of Belgian chocolate that has you feeling like you are treating yourself while providing 20 grams of protein to contribute to meeting your daily protein needs. This bar should be at the top of your snack list, your body will thank you, your gut will thank you and your taste buds will be screaming for more.  


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