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Post Workout Supplements
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Post Workout Supplement FAQs

Natural post-workout supplements in Australia are growing in popularity. Those who frequent the gym, training and sports etc. have goals that require post-exertion nutritional intake to grow, sustain and perform again. Post-workout supplements assist the person to refuel and provide macro and micronutrients to grow and recover. Post workout supplements aim to support the body for the other 23 hours of the day that come after their session.

Supplementation, in the form of post-workout supplements, are a great option for individuals who want to add another dimension to their training support on top of their nutrition regime. Refueling the body after exertion is incredibly important., in particular making sure that all the necessary gaps are filled for the body to use nutrition effectively for recovery. Effective recovery allows the body to move again faster and is a major focus for any individual who trains and focuses on recovery as part of their training.

If you want to improve the recovery process a good post-workout supplement is your best bet. No one wants to go backwards with their training. Post-workouts will optimize your recovery window to get you back into your next training session all cylinders firing!

Post-workout supplements don’t need to be complicated, usually, it’s a combination of supporting what is lost and providing what is required to gain. Topping up on your electrolytes that can be lost through sweat, adding protein to support muscle recovery. Many people add a collagen supplement to their regime to support more specific tissue regions of the body like ligaments or tendons. These are great options to add in post-training when to refuel.

The most optimal window is 15-30mins post-workout. This will maximize recovery and ensure your body gets the right nutrients it needs to start the recovery process.

After exercise, if there is a force applied to the body. For example, with resistance training, there is a likelihood of micro-tearing on the muscles, ligaments, and tendons that will go on to repair and recover over the next few days. To support this recovery process, nutrients and supplemental support are important. Sleep, water, and adequate nutrition will be the best sources of recovery assets alongside nutritional supporting supplements.

Some of our products are deliciously flavoured and designed to be simply added to water in a shaker. If you are taking individual amino acids you may want to add them to a protein shake such as Noway Collagen or into a juice or smoothie.

Post-workout supplements such as protein can assist with the process of protein synthesis which helps to grow and repair the muscle tissue, while individual amino acids that are being used for more specific purposes (like creatine) can be utilised and stored by the body to assist with supporting those first few moments of training next time. Vitamin supplementation to assist with filling in the gaps can be used post-workout, micronutrients like water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins play an integral role in energy exertion, recovery of tissues, and replenishment of micronutrients lost during training.

Clean post-workout supplements are an area that ATP Science focuses on, we understand the key nutrients required for the body to adequately recover, repair, and go again for the next session. Formulations are built specifically to target these areas of recovery and repair.

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