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AUD $29.95 incl. GST

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Available in 3 Delicious Flavours
Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium & Taurine
Whole-family friendly
Designed 2 Combine with Vital Food powder & Jolt.

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Product Description

ZMAST® by ATP Science

Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium & Taurine.

135g powder and available in 3 delicious flavours, Grape, Pine Orange, and Mixed Berry.

Getting essential nutrients onto your plate daily can be difficult especially with the typical Western diet lacking nutritious vegetables.  This is where we can add in a supplement like ZMAST®.   A refreshing beverage formulated with the minerals Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium and Taurine.  Perfect for growing children, teens, and/or adults who struggle with capsules, athletes who need to replenish their minerals due to excessive exertion and/or exercise, or anyone looking for a delicious healthy drink to sip on.

ZMAST® Benefits:

  • Replenishment for essential minerals in the body
  • Whole-family friendly
  • Immune System Function
  • Skin & Wound Healing Benefits
  • Cognitive Function
  • Easy to mix in and combine with other products like Vital Food powder, NOWAY® Juicy, and JOLT®.



Mix 1 scoop of ZMAST in with 200mL of cold water or your preferred beverage, shake or stir.



Grape Flavour:

Mixed Berry Flavour:

Pine Orange Flavour:


Frequently asked questions

Can i still take separate zinc and magnesium with ZMAST?

Yes you can, but the dosages of zinc and magnesium are already adequate for most individuals. Please ask your health care professional before taking any extra.

Is it only the flavour that’s different from the capsules?

Mostly yes, ZMAG is also an AUST-L product. ZMAST is a delicious drink which not only includes natural flavours but also natural colours like purple carrot and turmeric and a sweet stevia burst!

Is it okay to drink on empty stomach?

Yes, you can consume ZMAST at any time of the day.

When should I take ZMAST?

The rule of thumb is to take as much as you need it. If you are just seeking a supplement to top up your magnesium, just take it once in the evening about 30min before bed. Try to spread the dosages out throughout the day for maximum absorption for example if you need an extra dose, take one serve in the morning and one serve at night.

Can I take Z-MAG and ZMAST together?

Yes you can but they are essentially the same, one is just in a powder form and one is an AUST-L capsule product. If you need to boost your minerals or top up your magnesium we would recommend taking one serve of one version (powder or capsules) in the morning and one serve of one version at night.

Can my child take ZMAST?

ZMAST is perfect for growing children, for dosing recommendations, we would suggest asking your health care professional.

How much Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium and Taurine is in the product?

ZMAST contains 93mg of Magnesium Citrate, 3mg of Zinc Gluconate, 5ug of Selenium, and 24mg of Taurine.


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