Choc-Tiramisu Balls

Choc-Tiramisu Balls
Tiramisu is as classic and timeless as it gets, however, sometimes the coffee hit can be a bit much for some. So, we have recreated a cult classic with next to no caffeine so you can have one before bed and rest easy too! Perfect Noway Protein snack for the office, picnic or to pop in your mouth before you head out for the day.



1 cup almond meal
1 cup shredded coconut
1 tbs cacao powder
3 scoops Noway Iced Coffee
3 tbs nut butter
2.5 tbs maple syrup
Pinch of salt
Dark chocolate, melted
Decorate with a sliced mint lolly and mini M&M if desired.


  1. Combine all ingredients except dark chocolate and toppings in a food processor until a sticky crumb is achieved. Add 1 tbs of water if needed to help combine.
  2. Spoon out 1 tbs of mixture and roll into a ball, place on a baking tray, repeat with remaining mixture.
  3. Freeze balls for a minimum of 4 hours.
  4. Dip part or all of each ball into melted chocolate. Once the chocolate has been set, decorate each ball with a sliced mint lolly to make leaves and add a red M&M for the holly.



Cals per serve:181
Net carbs: 7g


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