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GutRight® challenge faqs

When you are using it in the challenge 3 times a day, it will last the 10 days. (30 Serves)

We recommend you use the GutRight® Original - it is a stronger version. If you do choose to use the daily it will take longer to achieve the same results.

No you do not. In the past we recommended following our modbiotic food list, but we now know it is not necessary. It could however be helpful if you are finding it hard to break bad habits.

Modbiotics are a blend of superfood polyphenols that are combined to balance and modify your microbiome.

Most people feel absolutely normal. A few people may get mild headaches or feel a bit bloated on days 3-5. Please check out this blog for more information:
This tastes quite "earthy" with a sour after note. This can be easily masked when adding to smoothies or some warm water and honey.
Heck yes! GutRight® is awesome for baking with. It does not denature and is not over-powering in foods.