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Noway Protein Treats

Why choose Protein Bars & Treats?

Natural protein bars & treats have been traditionally used as a macro convenient snack, they are designed to be higher in protein as protein is a difficult macro to reach in most daily nutrition. Many who are dieting, want something lower carb, with moderate fats and higher protein and will opt for a tasty snack like a protein bar as part of their daily intake.

Healthy Ice Cream - Noway® Frozen Dessert

Noway® Frozen Dessert

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Noway® Collagen Desserts – Assorted Box

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The Dessert Pack

AUD $79.95 incl. GST
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NOWAY® Collagen Panna Cotta Single Sachet

AUD $4.00 incl. GST
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Who can have ATP Science Protein Bars & Treats?

Noway Protein Bars & Treats by ATP Science are designed as a dairy-free alternative to the whey-dominated market for protein bars & treats. For those who tend to shy away from dairy, finding a protein bar that doesn’t upset the stomach can be problematic. Also, we are often seeking a low carb option and one that isn’t filled with alcohol sugars (that can go straight through the system if had in large amount). Avoiding these problems was one of the main aims when making the Noway Bar and Noway Treats. As far as protein bars & treats go, ATP Science has ticked all the boxes.

When should Protein Bars be used?

Protein Bars can be used at any time of the day, often they can be used to help between meals. If you find yourself feeling ‘snackish’ at a certain time of day, they can be utilised to provide a healthy gap filler between meals. So, between meals, after training, or a light way to break a fast, and don’t want a heavy meal to help get you started on the day.

How are ATP Science Protein Bars & Treats different?

ATP Science Noway Protein Bars and Treats are designed differently right from the ground up. There was a need for it to be dairy-free, high protein, and light but satisfying at the same time to fit the goal of a healthy snack. Hydrolysed collagen peptides meet all of these needs, with supporting dietary fibre, great taste, and drizzled in a curtain of high-quality chocolate, the team are confident that there is nothing else like it on the market at current.

You can find out more on when these bars are launching and the process that goes into making them from one of our latest Raw CEO Podcast episodes here.