Amperage Chocolate Power Balls

Amperage Chocolate Power Balls

Serves: 24 Balls 


3 cups of raw cashews – soaked for 3-6 hours
3 tbs hemp seeds
1 cup of rice malt syrup
½ tsp salt
3 droppers of Amperage
2/3 c coconut cream
1 cup melted coconut butter
Dark chocolate for coating

    **OPTIONAL – add a natural powdered food coloring. Spinach can also be added for that nice green color**


    1. Drain cashews.
    2. Blend cashews, hemp seeds, rice malt syrup, stevia, salt, Amperage & coconut cream until silky smooth.
    3. Add melted coconut butter and coloring. Blend again.
    4. Transfer to a medium-size bowl or container and freeze for at least 5 hours until firm.
    5. Using an ice cream scoop or large spoon scoop out mixture and roll into balls. Transfer balls back into the freezer for a few more hours to set.
    6. Remove balls from freezer.
    7. Melt dark chocolate with a Bain Marie and coat the balls in the chocolate mixture.
    8. Store in freezer. These melt quickly and cannot be left out for long periods of time as the centre softens.

      Serve chilled to keep that minty freshness popping on the taste buds!