ATP Science online nutritionist consultations

We first seek to understand where your health is at right now by analysing your symptoms and having an in-depth discussion about what you’re experiencing or perhaps what goals you might have in mind! This will reveal the underlying issues/patterns or priorities we need to resolve which may involve interpretation of further pathology & functional testing. We create a unique individualised protocol combining food, lifestyle advice and supplementation that is specific to you and your needs.


We are a team of qualified Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Homeopaths, and Scientists with a combined experience of over 50 years in the health industry. Our core belief is that no 2 people are the same in their biochemical make-up, and as such everyone deserves an individual approach to health, which is why we get results.


We look forward to connecting with you on your health journey

Meet Your Practitioner

Nicole is a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist with close to 6 years in clinical practice. Nicole began her career in the wellness industry over 18 years ago as a personal trainer, after time as an athlete. 

She then moved over to the natural medicine industry, driven by a desire to help people take control of their health and put the power of choice back in their hands. She uses a combination of diagnostic tools including functional testing, alongside nature’s herbs and nutrients to restore balance to the body. 

 She looks forward to assisting you in your journey back to wellness.

Adv. Dip. (Nat.), Adv Dip (Nutr.), Adv. Dip. (Whm)










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Complete the emailed questionnaires and submit 48hours before your appointment

Attend the scheduled appointment via Zoom video conference


Sessions Available 8am - 2pm AEST (QLD-Brisbane time)

Monday - Friday
If you are outside of Australia please make note of the time difference.

1 Hour Initial Consultation

1 Hour Follow Up Consultation

30 Min Follow Up Session




This consultation will go for a maximum of 60 minutes and is focussed on learning more about you to help inform the creation of a protocol to assist you with reaching your health goals.*

A 1 hour follow up is for existing clients who need an extended amount of time to review and discuss functional testing results or protocol adjustments. Functional testing is different to pathology tests which can general be reviewed and discussed in a 30 minute appointment.

This is also necessary if your circumstances have dramatically changed since your initial consultation or you have not had an appointment for more than 3 months.

If you are booking to discuss functional test results you will need to book a 1 hour extended follow –up.

A 30-minute follow-up is for if you are having consistent appointments with your practitioner and need minor protocol adjustments or have further questions that require more research to be applied to your case.

We recommend checking with your practitioner to make sure this is appropriate healthconsult@atpscience.com before booking in for this appointment.

*Please note that this is a complementary health service. Please check any recommendations with your healthcare professional if you have any serious health conditions and/or taking prescribed medications, this service does not aim to replace the advice you are receiving from your primary healthcare professional. Referrals may be made if we are unable to assist with your particular health concern and specialised advice is indicated.


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