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Endurance Supplements
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Before an event and after, it can be extremely important for the athlete to ensure that glycogen stores are topped up, simple sugars are utilised for fuel without too much fermentation and stomach upset, as well as keeping sodium and electrolytes topped up.

During endurance-like events, the body relies on a series of fuel sources to both provide energy and support electrical circuits in the body. These elements usually include glycogen stores, which are storage facilities for glucose consumed earlier, as well as readily available glucose in the bloodstream immediately before an event. To support our sodium levels and circuitry, the body will utilise electrolytes and water to support and regulate body temperature as well.

Opting for a blend like Infrared from the ATP Science range would be beneficial as this provides a source of simple and digestible carbohydrates, electrolytes, and the amino acids beta-alanine and citrulline malate. Infrared is suitable on the stomach for long-distance events, which is often a concern for consumers seeking out endurance sports supplements.

The best way to consume endurance supplements is before training, usually aim for around 20-30 mins prior as they do have a fast-absorbing digestion time so you can keep a settled stomach. You can find more about Infrared and the rest of the endurance supplements from ATP Science here.

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